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Meeting Coordinates


Agenda ReviewPL

Roll CallPL
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Patrick E. Loyd
  • Lorraine Constable - Regrets
  • Chad Joyce
  • Tony Julian - Regrets
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
    Any Guests?
StaffingPLAtlassian Expert - Job Description
Webmaster's ReportDJ

Service Desk Removal - I (David) have also contacted Atlassian to verify that removing of Service Desk will not affect our overall configuration.  I am scheduling the removal out a week or two and will discuss on our Friday call.

Dev Env - Not yet but virtual private cloud setup

Doubling of expense of elastic IPs, EC2 instances problems (internal settings)

Lloyd: Should we relabel what's production now as development and create new production moving only what's "real"

DJ to do research

Confluence = end-of-life status, current version

Maybe new production starts with new version?

UTG ProjectTKStrange Behaviors: Patrick,
From Ted: Lloyd worked with me last evening to get to the bottom of the strange things I was having trouble with (it was not the port#).   Turns out I was uncovering a bunch of the nonsense with Service Desk that caused Lloyd to 
most strongly urge us all NOT to use it.   After quite a bit of thrashing, I now agree with him, and over the next week or two (once I’m done with the harmonization processing and release for the ballots) I’ll reconfigure 
the UTG Prototype to use Software instead of Service Desk.  These problems from the past few days should then go away.
Ballot ProjectLM

3 expiring trial plugins that we need to license: Extended Schemes for JIRA; Issue Linked Event for JIRA; JIRA Suite Utilities. All three are needed for the functionality of the ballot project.

Not yet setup email filtering

JIRACon ProjectPL

2018-03-20 - Boilerplate Work Group Space review