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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes 

(voice and screen)

Date: 2020-01-29
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
ChairNote taker(s): Lynn/Anne W.
Quorum = chair + 4yes
Co chairsxDavid HayxLloyd McKenzie
Wayne Kubick, CTO

Hans BuitendijkxBrian PostlethwaitexPaul KnappxBob Dieterle

Josh Mandel
John MoehrkeregretsBrian PechxBrian Phinney
xGrahame Grieve

xSandy Vance

xDidi Davis



  • Agenda Check
  • Minutes from 2020-01-22 FMG Agenda/Minutes
    • MOTION to approve: David/Paul
    • VOTE: all in favor
  • Action items
    • Grahame expected by last week to put out the formal request for feedback on timelines for next release; US implementers waiting for the rule to come out from ONC first. Wayne and Grahame will get into gear on this as soon as it comes out.
    • Hans arrives; adds that the ONC rumors are to announce prior to HIMSS, mid to late February.
  • Review Items
  • Discussion Topics 
    • Blood Administration (Hans)
      • Topic is regarding interest by QM developers - limited data; short term need but the SME not ready to dive in.  Seeking guidance from FMG on perspectives - would it be an extension of MedicationAdministration, or Procedure? Or is there sufficient unique data to be a separate resource?
      • Lloyd leans toward its extension where implementers currently capture this information... Hans notes that in V2 blood management is separate.  Might be similar to immunization too. 
    • FMG Agenda in Sydney - LLoyd will have master FHIR agenda draft out on Friday likely
      • Ballot timelines; if not soliciting preference for timelines to developer community until early March, with a few weeks needed to solicit feedback what is expectation for comment ballot in May 2020? Feedback might be expected around end of March; where final content is due in early April. Lynn notes that for a ballot of FHIR Core the substantive change deadline would have been March 13 and content freeze would be March 24. Grahame will not likely be in San Antonio attending his daughter's graduation ceremony which will not be scheduled until early April.
      • Lloyd notes that  he has not heard much inquiry about when R5 is coming out.
      • Paul notes that the conformance discussions are escalating, Lloyd refers discussion to MnM quarter Thurs Q3.
      • FAIRsharing
      • v2plus representation in FHIR (not to be confused with v2-to-FHIR mapping)
      • Discuss FDA’s PQ/CMC project request for a waiver on 3 implementation rule before going to ballot - strike from WGM agenda; general rule for IGs to be FMM2 before going to ballot but they seemed content with discussion from last week. Paul thinks this is an exemplar of a class of circumstances and might be worth discussing at the WGM.
      • Differentiating observer vs participant registrations - Australia did not differentiate, group discussion generally in favor of discarding the difference; HQ will do as they recommend; 
        • MOTION: to approve: Hans/Paul
        • VOTE: Brian Pos abstains having arrived after initial discussion, Approved 4/1/0
    • FMM within individual IGs
      • Lloyd reports it's been on to-do list - to capture and expose FMM of IGs as a whole and artifacts within them 
      • How do you get stuff to show up in the header (should be easy)
      • Elaborate quality criteria for when an artifact reaches an FMM status; for core we maintain that list of artifacts and list of criteria evaluated in a Google sheet. It's huge and complicated and not visible to community. Propagating that volume of work into the IGs is a big chunk of work. 40 criteria against a bunch of value sets in an IG gets really big. Not sure what the alternative is. Not happy with idea of authors self-asserting without evidence or support.
      • David asks is this a tooling issue? Needs to be in a tooling-amenable form. What portion of quality/maturity issues are picked up by ig-publisher? Checklist items would be all human review otherwise it's already checked in the tooling.
      • Grahame suggests we need to try it on an IG to see; size of effort makes Lloyd seek feedback before trying to make the assessment. Perhaps they could assess the maturity of a package instead of individual artifacts.
      • Time-box into a formal FMG agenda or put into Tuesday lunch with facilitators
  • Reports
    • Connectathon management (David/Brian) - coming quick!
    • SGB – nothing to report
    • MnM – nothing to report
    • FMG Liaisons –

David glad the weather is supposed to be good in Sydney, smoke has cleared.

There being no further discussion, David moved adjournment; Adjourned 4:59 PM