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Kathleen Connor

Scribe: Kathleen Connor

Mondays at 12:00 pm Eastern Time - 770-657-9270 passcode 845692

Management January 13 Minutes ApprovalDeferred until February 24
Regular FHIR Security CallsWe will be holding FHIR DS4P and FHIR US Regulatory Security Label Work sessions until Feb 24

FHIR DS4P IG proposal approved

Walked through DS4P Use Cases
FHIR US Regulatory Security Label IG proposal

FHIR Subscription Security

Mohammad to post to

Veterans Health Administration Sponsored Security and Privacy Papers

Mohammad gave high level overview.  Discussed need for subscribers to establish trust with Server about ability to Share with Protections, i.e., enforce Security Labels.
Security Label High-Water MarkDiscuss cross paradigm purpose of High-Water Mark


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