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Wednesday Q0

No quorum

Wednesday Q1

No quorum

Friday Q1

Present: 4 Brian, Wayne, Reggero Venosi Australia,e Michael van der Zel

  • Brian shows HL7 v2 toolchain based on FHIR
  • presentation materials about current V2 tooling stack are at:
  • Michael reports back on plans to move the EHR FM toolchain to XML based first and then to FHIR
  • Work towards locking down the wiki, there are still WG that work on the wiki, get a list and inform those WG's and then lock the wiki for edits.
  • There are some groups that are not using Confluence for meeting minutes, e.g. the ITS subgroup RDF. They should move.
  • Focus on Jira/Confluence/Ballot System/Publishing, now also look at GoMembers software for managing members.

Friday Q2