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ance Diagram #1

Chair:  @Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

Scribe: @Suzanne Gonzales-Webb






xVA (Book Zurman)

David Pyke Co-ChairReady Computing
xKathleen ConnorVA (Book Zurman)

John Davis (Mike)


Chris ShawnVA

Irina ConnellyGeorgia Tech

xBeth PumoKaiser
xRebecca AngelesCarradora

Eric LarsonIris Health Solutions

Diana Proud-MadrugaVA (Electrosoft))
xJoseph M. LamySSA (Aegis)

@David StaggsBook Zurman

@Francisco JaureguiVA (Electrosoft)
xGreg WhiteSRS
x@Claudette Tiru Columbia University
x@Dave Silver dave.silver@electrosoft-inc.comVA (Electrosoft)

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Management Minutes Approval 2019-03-192019-03-19 CBCP Meeting Conference Call Agenda/Minutes (Copy) 

VOTE: (motion) Suzanne (will add PPT) / CraigN - GregW

Abstain: none  / Opposed: none    /  Approve: 10

Meeting Minute Approval for 2019-03-19 (Copy)

TOPICeLTSS FHIR IG Project - Becky, Johnathan

Reminder to sign up for eLTSS IG MAY Ballot

  • 96 people signed up for the ballot (hoping for 100)
    • still have two days to sign up for the ballot

Special recognition and Thank You to Becky for taking a lead role in the FHIR IG for elTSS

  • can Becky be notified of ballot information/comments as they come in? Suzanne Gonzales-Webb to follow up with HL7 office
    • amalgamated spreadsheet notification
    • when can that information be sent over Becky 
    • how does the macro work with this being a FHIR IG?
      • any comments entered, generally Lloyd will move them into gForge so that disposition are completed within gForge.
        • there is the impeding switch from gForge to JIRA (unknow when that starts)
        • in gforge there is a ballot item/specification element "eLTSS" that will be added; anything ballot/commented against eLTSS
        • if entered into gforge, they have to submit a ballot listing with the gforge ticket
  • when it comes to final ballot reconciliation; is it the ballot spreadsheet that is submitted?
    • John Moehrke will raise the question to FHIR/Lloyd to confirm the process re gForge

Update 3/26 1013 Arizona Time

John M received confirmation from Lloyd: 

  1. This ballot will use gForge. Testing of Jira will be happening in April.
  2. Ballot comments will be imported into gForge from spreadsheets if balloters don't put the comments into gForge directly. We strongly prefer that comments be entered into Jira and the ballot spreadsheet only references the comment numbers and the votes (affirmative or negative). Note that for a gForge item to be considered as a ballot item, it MUST be referenced by a spreadsheet submitted to the ballot desktop.
  3. For FHIR, gForge must be used for formal reconciliation
  4. There's a transform that allows extracting ballot comments and creating a reconciliation spreadsheet for posting to the ballot desktop once reconciliation is complete.  
    Note I think that Lloyd made a Freudian slip in #2, preferring Jira... :-)
gForge Link:


Dave out sick / No update

TOPICDS4P Ballot Reconciliation - Johnathan

Ballot reconciliation 

(3/19 Johnathan is out) push out to next week agenda - Suzanne Gonzales-Webb to follow up with Johnathan


HL7 WGM May 2019 -Montreal DRAFT Agenda Posted

Suzanne Gonzales-Webb copy over last WGM agenda items, add agenda review to next week's meeting.

Link: 2019-05 May CBCP WGM Agenda/Minutes MONTREAL
TOPICProvenance  Update - Mike Davis

Additional business 
 Adjourned at (Motion: JohnM) at 0923 Arizona TimeTemporary Meeting Recording: 

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