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Chair:  @David Pyke

Scribe: @Suzanne Gonzales-Webb





xVA (Book Zurman)
xDavid Pyke Co-ChairReady Computing
x@Jim Kretz, Co-ChairSAMHSA
xVA (Book Zurman) 

Chris ShawnVA

John Davis (Mike)


Irina ConnellyGeorgia Tech


Rebecca AngelesCarradora

Eric LarsonIris Health Solutions

Diana Proud-MadrugaVA (Electrosoft))
xJoseph M. LamySSA (Aegis)

@David StaggsBook Zurman

@Francisco JaureguiVA (Electrosoft)
xGreg WhiteSRS

@Claudette Tiru Columbia University

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VOTE: (motion)  Suzanne / CraigN

Abstain: none  / Opposed: none    /  Approve: 11

Meeting Minute Approval for 2019-03-19 (Copy)

TOPICeLTSS FHIR IG Project - Becky, Johnathan

Reminder to sign up for eLTSS IG MAY Ballot

  • Ballot is open
  • Good number of people have registered (#116 approx.)
  • please review the ballot, looking forward to viewing the comments
gForge Link:

  • Discussion last week on the extension to handle a research study
    • Discovered there is a research study extension as part of the workflow
  • Consent resource is modeled after one of the FHIR workflows; as part of the workflow the events are able to be tied to an extension
    • their event is for tying to the event itself and not to the xx
    • if we are going to have a research study in order to filter  if and only if for research consent—we will have to create ourselves
  • David will work on this week and hopefully have ready for next week to view

DS4P Ballot Reconciliation - Johnathan

Reaffirmation of HL7 Implementation Guide: Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P), Release 1

Ballot close date:  Jan 07, 2019

  • Reviewed the one negative comment last week; reconciliation spreadsheet updated. request made to remove the negative comment. 
    • Note: There is no defined timeline to remove a negative vote/comment.
    • A friendly reminder will be sent to negative commenter before the end of the week


HL7 WGM May 2019 -Montreal DRAFT Agenda Posted

  • SOA briefing to be added to MON Q4 (Kathleen has added to the WGM agenda)
Link: 2019-05 May CBCP WGM Agenda/Minutes MONTREAL
TOPICProvenance  Update - Mike Davis

Updates to PPT include:

  • added Figure 3: Federated Provenance Domain - showing domains are separate from each other but 'merged in the federation domain'
  • New model for different services
  • Use case diagrams - 
  • Provenance does not discuss lineage–closest thing to it is chaining.
    • Prov-O Chaining (slide 23)
  • Slide 24 - continued information on Provenance chaining

TOPIC NPRM Comments - Kathleen

Linked into the Security WG: HL7 Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) - Security and Privacy concerns

HL7 Comments on ONC CURES NPRM, Kathleen will submit DRAFT as presented 

Three points

  • Security labels are agnostic
  • Smart on FHIR needs to be able what your asking it to do
  • Consent to share needs to brought forward and looked at


Additional business: ONC will be having a free workshop- focusing on HEART and HEART profiles.

Johnathan will be sending out link

 Meeting adjourned at 1002 Arizona TimeTemporary Meeting Recording: 

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