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Chair:  @Johnathan Coleman

Scribe: @Suzanne Gonzales-Webb





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2019-04-09 CBCP Meeting Conference Call Agenda/Minutes (Copy) 

VOTE: (motion)  Suzanne / Greg

Abstain: none  / Opposed: none    /  Approve: unanimous (8)

 Minutes Approval

2019-04-16 CBCP Meeting Conference Call Agenda/Minutes (Copy) 

VOTE: (motion) Suzanne / Greg

Abstain: none / Opposed: none / Approve: unanimous (8)

 Minutes ApprovalMeetings for 4/23/2019, 4/30/2019 and 5/7/2019 Cancelled, no minutes to approve N/A
TOPICeLTSS FHIR IG Project - Becky, Johnathan

 eLTSS IG MAY Ballot

  • At the HL7 WGM:
  • Reviewed negative comments rom Craig/Altarum, and xx from Lantana
    • reviewed negative comments from all
      • reconciliation completed, voted
    • thank you to all commenters
    • reconciliation sheet convert to FHIR friendly
      • initiated gForge, upload
  • two comments held back from discussion
  • three not addressed

---Becky's Screen---

gForge Tracker 20892 - submitted by Craig Newman

  • comment - persuasive with mode / follow on - is there another way to get to organization is support plan is listed; … (Craig: that's where practitioner role; this point to both practitioner and PractitionerRole.  You also can remove" Practitioner" [f practitioner role:
  • ent configuration is not able to update.  The eltss to R4 map says that the Support Planner Name could be a Practitioner, RelatedPerson or patient who is the primary author, but in the Profile .author is still allowed to reference a Device or organization.  it seems like theses two should be removed.  it may be reasonable to allow PractitionerRole or CareTeam to remain so long as the mapping is updated to indicate these as options.  As well, if any appropriate eLTSS specific profiles exist for ay of resources, they should be referenced in place of the base resources 
  • keep organization as a support planner
  • MOTION: to approve Becky / Craig proposed disposition as written (Becky to send to Suzanne); follow up for gForge posting
  • Abstentions: none; objections: none, approve: 7

Proposed Resolution below: 

gforge Tracker 20895: Observation code text is not required  http://hl7org/fhir/s/eltss/2019ay/observation-eltss.html 

Topic TABLED to next week

gForge Link:

IG Home Page:

May Ballot Link:

  • MOTION: to approve Becky / Craig proposed disposition as written (Becky to send to Suzanne); follow up for gForge posting
  • Abstentions: none; objections: none, approve: (7)
TOPICCBCP FHIR CPs - DavidPN/A - David not in attendance

 Pele Yu

FHIR Resources (Pediatrics) - Collection of questions, invitation from David P

  • agenda item moved to next week (information being e-mailed to Johnathan from Dr. Yu)

DS4P Ballot Reconciliation - Johnathan
  • Request made to remove the negative comment. 
    • Emma contacted again, no response
    • uploaded the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet with vote of non-persuasive


HL7 WGM May 2019 -Montreal DRAFT Agenda Posted

Link: 2019-05 May CBCP WGM Agenda/Minutes MONTREAL
TOPICProvenance - Mike DavisNone


 NPRM Comments - KathleenStill refining the comments, they have not gone to the Board as of yet; extention of comment dates to June 3

(see links in Security WG Meeting Minutes)


ONC Webinar and Workshop

ONC’s HEART Profiles Webinar & Workshop (4/23 1330 – Report out

David Staggs presented; hosted on ONC on HEART as related to xx

recording is available, link: 

Materials from Meeting: (link add if available)

TOPICWGM - Report Out

2019 May - HL7 WGM Montreal

  • well attented; busy agenda
  • substantial progress in eltss ballot reconcila
  • DS4p under security / revist ds4p CDA 
  • Bulk Transfer / Mohammad
  • great convo on Data provenance; additional data elements to consider

CBCP rec'd their gold stars.... !!  Woot!!

 moving forward - co-sponsors for upcoming ballots in January 

  • heads up for September- there will be a deadline two weeks after a WG to have PSS approved for ballots... which is 8 months in the future.
  • PSS is an online form , approvals 'checks'

testing may be a requirement -

  • September connectathon in Atlanta - proposing a tract (eLTSS); looking for participants so that coordination can take place prior to

NOTE: FHIR Security meeting cancelled for today


 AdministrativeAdjournment Meeting adjourned at Arizona Time 0949 Temporary Meeting Recording: starts at ballot reconciliation

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Action items Suzanne Gonzales-Webb