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Chair:  @ Johnathan Coleman

Scribe: @ Suzanne Gonzales-Webb


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Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Minutes Approval2019-11-05 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes DRAFT (Copy)

2019-11-05 CBCP Meeting Minutes Approval (Copy)

MOTION / Vote :   Suzanne/ GrewW

Abstain: none / Opposed: none  /  Approve: 

 November Harmonization - Kathleen

MOTION (from 10/29 meeting): CBCP to approve to sponsor 5,6,7 Harmonization Proposals (GregW / Kathleen)

Discussion: CBCP to support/sponsor, but hold off on approval of Proposal 5 (until we hear back from CDS WG)

VOTE: (pending)

Abstain: #; Objection: #; Approve:  (pending)


CBCP 6 harmonization proposals. - * awaiting on response from CDS group prior to CBCP approal

  • not yet resolved / some traffic from CDS WG, discussion to be continued in CDS meeting call
  • has a response been received?


Kathleen will bring forth to Harmonization Meeting for both Security and CBCP

PACIO ProjectNo update (question) this week


No update.

Provenance DAM - Mike Davis, Kathleen

Normative ballot - Ballot Reconciliation

  • ballot reconciliation will be discussed during the Security WG meeting, making progress

 DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor

No changes.

PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)

FHIR Consent - David Pyke

Meetings -  Thursday 2PM ET / 11AM Pacific -  CBCP Free Conference Call // Consent Resource

  • unsuccessful in resolving latest issues (JohnM comment not present due to IHE)
  • gForge to JIRA move is complete.  gForge issues information is now read only.  Links did not change—gForge links work, but information is not updated  see 
    • ballot JIRA issues have not all been worked out.
    • create a JIRA account if you don't already have one!

 Share with Protections - Mike Davis

No change to the work complete. Document, PPT has been briefed with group.

  • editorial versions planned, Mike will update group once complete
  • Request to remove agenda item from Mike for now
  • concept to SwP is being combined with Sequoia work, DS4P work

Sequoia DURSA Review - Mike

Sequoia CUI Task Group (US-Realm)

Sequoia Cross-Paradigm Profile PSS Update

The WGs (Security, CBCP) have both conceptually approved moving forward PSSs; Sequoia in turn has

  • sequoia is now longer having meetings on the DURSA review
  • remove agenda item requested from Mike

from 11/5 meeting

Mike would like to proceed with PSS for the following items: 

  1. DS4P FHIR IG (v2 already exists "security labeling")
  2. FHIR Profiles specific to CUI and Sharing with Protections/ "FHIR CDA v2, Cross Paradigm"

MOTION: CBCP agrees to proceed with support for Sequoia specific request to create 1,2 (above) for three use cases Title 38, 42CFR and CUI.

Vote: Abstain: 0; Opposed: 0; Approval Agreement to move forward to create PSS for the above projects

OCP Work / SAMHSA / PPt - Mike

Mike has been speaking with Jim Kretz/Ken Salyards about their OCP work - PPT?

  • Have spoken to Jim and Ken about PSS, work with Sequoia.  proposing various options about how we could conceptually get to a point where we have more sharing, less protections (sharing is built in)
    • SAMHSA has new NPRM which closed in 10/25 for comments
    • in the US we PDMP activity for presction monitoring
    • part 2 facilities
    • another facility, treating the patient for drug/alcohol conditions which are not subject to part2 restrictions but will still like to know about part 2 provision
    • Jim/Ken (SMAHA?) have rejected; but mike would like to know what they would like to work with–specifically of the fvirtual care team; trusted entities.  a non-part 2 facility which may be treating apatient, which could aggravate patietn contdtion, 
      • on the basis of patient safety; if there is concern with the treatment, the information shared could be shared with outside entities
      • samhsa was not thrilled with this
    • next suggestion, a type of PDMP, exchange type to provide a safety vale to prevent inadvertent wronglyprescribing for patients
      • Ken state the incidents that Mike is oncerned about they do not believe is a common occurance, which may ot be worth the effor to do.
      • Mike is being insprired to find something agreeable where patients suffered from the hands of clinicans is unacceptable.
  • CBCP attendees are suggeset to bring forth use cases where this may happen

couple of projects: (Johnathan)

  • joint CDC/... related ssue just mentions ; lots of work being dong of integrating PDMP into heath records.
  • there is a proejct called APIAN(?),
    • CDC recommendations on opiod use with CDS istuations, inclluding interationc with PDMP with active pilots
    • this work is currently being piloted at Yale, Indiana U and Duke. its fairly mature and may be a nice tie in with the work attempts with SAAMHSA 

10-15 minutes next agenda to continue

  • it would be useful for them to speak on what they expect from their NPRM (Mike will contact them and let us know in advance

SAMHSA PPT: <link> Mike to send to list
 Additional agenda Items, topics for discussion

 No agenda items brought forward

  • Next week's meeting has been cancelled /next meeting will be in two weeks - FHIR Consent will still meet!

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at  1230 Temporary Meeting Recording:  






Johnathan Coleman Co-Chair audio

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David Pyke  Co-Chair

Ready Computing
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John Davis  aka Mike Davis

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