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Chair:  John Moehrke

Scribe: John Moehrke  

Mondays at 12:00 pm Eastern Time -

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 






Minutes Approved as Presented 2020-01-06 FHIR-Security Meeting Agenda

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no meetings until February 24

See you in Sydney

New projects?

Potential (but only if someone steps forward) new projects this committee could take on:

* Basic Provenance in FHIR
* AuditEvent supporting Patient Empowerment
* Additional guidance for the core security pages
Security around FHIR Subscription
Security around bulk-data access
Security around multi-organization interactions (e.g. HIE)
* App dynamic registration
* Updating of SMART-on-FHIR with next kind of use-case (tbd)
* Templating of IG to drive Security Considerations
* Templating of IG to drive consistent use of Provenance, AuditEvent, and Signatures
* Definition of a new Resource for Permission use-cases
* Creation of a library of security/privacy focused IG that can be included in 'other' IG as modular security solutions (similar to how SMART-on-FHIR is used today, but supporting other security models). This might be where the subscription, bulk-data, and multi-organization solutions are organized for easy use.  

Permission Resource

? Should we move these use-cases into a confluence page that we further clarify the scope ?

  • The fundamental need is a way to encode a set of permissions, constraints, obligations in a set of rules with conditions. 
    • Where as is useful when the constraint or obligation is not conditional
    • Where as Consent is specific to patient giving Consent
    • Where a Contract is specific to where there are contract terms
  • The Permission Resource might be a resource that Consent and Contract refer to, so that all access-control-permissions at the fundamental level are coded the same way.
  • Examples that are not supported today (or might be more efficiently or clearly with a Permission resource)
    • Business contract covers broad use-cases between two organizations, where 'this' transaction is one of those business needs
    • where the communication needs to communicate two different purposeOfUse each with their different constraints
    • where the release is mandated by government regulation, but where the sender still wants to be clear on the release terms
    • ???

FHIR IG Proposal for gov work


How is this related ?

In ProcessSecurity Open Items – now in JIRA

FHIR-24908 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Where vocabulary and valuesets come from DICOM, they should be imported and used from DICOM – elimination of AuditEvent codeSystem duplicaiton

waiting on dicom

FHIR-24907 - Getting issue details... STATUS  – Lifecycle event valueset should include HL7 lifecycle event vocabulary (ISO 10781) – bring in HL7 lifecycle event vocabulary

waiting on iso

FHIR-24676 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - PurposeOfUse vocabulary from ISO 14265 – bring in ISO vocabulary

waiting on iso

FHIR-23712 - Getting issue details... STATUS  waiting on ISO

waiting on iso

FHIR-11071 - Getting issue details... STATUS  DS4P and CUI will be creating IG. This exercise will result in update of the FHIR core with informed instructions

moved to DS4P

FHIR-23076 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is awaiting FHIR-I applying the change they agreed to in  FHIR-21284 - Getting issue details... STATUS

waiting on FHIR-I

FHIR-20758 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is awaiting FHIR-I applying the change they agreed to in  FHIR-20760 - Getting issue details... STATUS

waiting on FHIR-I
Open Items

FHIR-23703 - Getting issue details... STATUS  – Recommend Persuasive

FHIR-23714 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - 

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FHIR BlockBlock vote preparation

FMMDefined plan to mature

Connectathon Update on Security at FHIR connectathon

SMARTdiscussion of next generation of SMART

Consent servicediscussion of next generation consent service

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New Business

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