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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes 

(voice and screen)

Date: 2020-01-15
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair:Note taker(s): Lynn/Anne W.
Quorum = chair + 4yes
Co chairs
David HayxLloyd McKenzie
Wayne Kubick, CTO
xHans BuitendijkxBrian Postlethwaite/Paul KnappxDavid deRoode

Josh MandelxJohn MoehrkexBrian PechxBrian Phinney
xGrahame Grieve

xJonathan Whitby

xRik Smithies

xChristine Hively

xSandy Vance

xKathleen Connor



  • Agenda Check - Blood Administration (Hans), FMM within individual IGs (Lloyd), and FMG Agenda in Sydney; Sandy would prefer connectathon discussion earlier. Would we have a call the 29th with people in transit? John and Lloyd available 1/29, John not available 1/22. Hans moves approval of agenda as revised; seconded by Brian Pos; unanimously approved.
  • Minutes from 2020-01-08 FMG Agenda/Minutes; Motion by John M, second by Hans, who abstains. Approved 4/1/0
  • Action items
    • Request for feedback (Grahame) - needs to go out this week.
    • Lloyd has not have time for SDC patient facing overview, nor Grahame on US Core
    • no other progress to report
  • Review Items
    • Connectathon proposals -
      • 125 registered, half filling out survey
      • 14 tracks, some AUS specific, some repeats
      • Information session with logistics details held yesterday, slides on confluence
      • Lloyd asks about percentage of attendees local? Sandy thinks about a third.
      • Sandy notes that most coming this time other than AUS-specific child health and e-prescribing, are repeats
        • e-prescribing reviewed
        • LIVD withdrawal may be pending; Hans to check with Rob Hausam
    • ImagingReference Resource Proposal
      • Sketch of resource content: Draft of ImagingReference for R5
      • Jonathan here to discuss
      • How is this distinct from Document Reference; document reference may refer to a URL but an imaging reference might not have a single URL
        • this is DICOM-specific, having more logical reference than a specific object reference
        • consideration of using document reference and adding elements or extensions to it? Hans suggests a side-by-side comparison with OO participation to evaluate.
      • is this a pointer to a specific image or areas within an image - currently in reference to a single image or set of images; specifying a region within an image would be a beneficial use case as discussed with breast cancer group
      • Jonathan will take back to II and try to model it as an extension to DocumentReference.
    • Resource proposal request for RegulatedAuthorization+FHIR+Resource+Proposal
      • edits were made to wiki page not confluence, to clarify difference to consent and contracts and authorization of drugs
      • Discussion ensued on use of a more distinguishing title
      • Hans moves approval; seconded by Brian Pos.  Rik to make edits to Confluence to reflect the changes made on wiki. Unanimously approved.
    • Resource proposal request for ClinicalUseIssue_FHIR_Resource_Proposal (Rik confirms this is not currently under consideration)
    • Vital Signs with Qualifying Extensions IG Proposal - IG code should be included, descriptions are quite short
      • Examples and long description changes to be made after this meeting; Hans moves approval seconded by Paul. Unanimously approved
    • Vital Signs PSS - approved last week
    • Dental Summary Exchange Project PSS
      • Dave DeRoode describes the FHIR portion of the PSS as a component of Dental Data Exchange (CDA and FHIR) PSS
      • Joint copyright is with whom? DOD
      • Hans moves approval; second by Paul. Unanimously approved.

      • Kathleen describes
      • Lloyd asks difference between this IG and the one discussed last week; last week's IG is a specific instance for three US laws of this DS4P IG universal realm.
      • John M moves approval, Paul seconds; Unanimously approved.
  • Being out of time, adjourned 5:33 PM; move discussion topics to next week
  • Discussion Topics
    • Blood Administration (Hans)
    • FMM within individual IGs
    • FMG Agenda in Sydney (maybe closer to Sydney)