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HL7 PIC Meeting Agenda

Date: February 6, 2020
Time: Q3 Thursday (Sydney)



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Sandy Stuart

Kaiser Permanente


Karen Van Hentenryck



Ken Rubin


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Agenda Topics

  1. 1/6/2020 Minutes approval - Approved by consensus.
  2. Principal focus on how to more effectively engage; - Awareness challenge but PIC has a proactive role when there is an artifact dependant need. 
    1.  ACTION: Start by looking at and potential revamp of Mission and Charter and create the message we'd like to convey.  Potentially consider a process advocate (ACTION: Ken to write up a one or two-page approach) and find a couple of WGs as a pilot (UTG, PSS Workflow maybe JIRA).  Mentors by meeting have worked in the past and will continue.   Contribute to CTO process and tooling webinar @ month prior to WGM to present template
    2. ACTION: The next conference call agenda item is DMP, M & C and Our Message.
  3. PIC role in bigger tooling/process redesign; Note that much emerging HL7 work is not on a normative track.  The role of PIC in establishing processes in this dimension will be part of the discussion. - NOTE:  PSS redesign task group could use PIC to contribute.  If PIC is notified then we could encourage collaboration with our PIC folks (listserv) to recruit.  Wayne to take care of this during a tooling and process webinar (see 3).
  4. co-chair handbook progress/review.  - Should we do a co-chair handbook survey?  Have you looked at it?  do you find it useful?  If you had one thing to suggest what would it be? Karen - to send out.  Ken to present template review at an upcoming PIC webinar in March.  Create new webspace for Learning Center - To be considered.  
  5. Meeting planning – Date/Time - Bi-weekly - Tuesdays 3 ET.   WGM - Wed Q3.