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ACS-CAN Patient-Facing Clinical Trial Matching Summit ReportThis report describes what was discussed during a summit aimed to identify policy and infrastructure recommendations to improve Patient-Facing Clinical Trial Matching. This summit was sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). Final
Patient StoryThis news article documents the story of a woman who was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer who then searched on her own to find a clinical trial that ended up saving her life. Final
"Basic Few" Eligibility Criteria 

This list was created by ACS-CAN and its partners. It is meant to be a minimal number of eligibility criteria that can provide clinical trial matches of valuable quality. The list is below:

  • Cancer Type 
  • Cancer Subtype 
  • Biomarker status
  • Stage/Grade or presence of metastases 
  • Age
  • # of prior therapies allowed (trial) and # of prior therapies received (patient)
  • Categories/names of excluded treatments (trial) and categories/names of treatments received (patient)

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