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3:30PM EST (UTC-5).  Happy New Year!

Quorum not established as of 4:00PM EST, call cancelled.


Agenda Topics and Notes

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Ted)
    No new items for agenda.
    Quorum could not be reached, call had to be cancelled at 4:00PM EST. 
  2. Announcements (all)

  3. Action Items Check  (Ted)
    Decided not to review the open action items on this call. 

  4. Sydney WGM Agenda Planning (Ted)
    Can be found here.   We moved a few items around and added topics to some of the slots.  

  5. UTG Update
    All information is posted on the UTG confluence pages.
    Focus on completing remaining development efforts to get a full functional system by Christmastime. 
    1. Versioning Implementation
      1. Initial version for the HL7 V3 code systems imported from the coremif
        1. After exhausting discussion of the options on the past few UTG calls without a clear consensus for moving forward, we are going to just set all of them to version 2.0.0 to being with until we hear a better idea
      2. Initial version for the HL7 V3 value sets imported from the coremif
        1. Folowing the same logic used for code sytems (previous bullet) we will set them all to 2.0.0
      3. Initial version for the naming systems imported from the coremif
        1. As these are all brand new created will set set them all to 1.0.0
      4. Initial version for the HL7 code systems imported from the v2 publishing database
        1. As per the consensus from the last quorate UTG call, we will use the current single integer version published with v2.9 as the major number, and set the minor number to '1'.   So for example, the code system for Message Types is published as version 12, so UTG will set the value to 12.1.0
      5. Initial version for the HL7 value sets imported from the v2 publishing database
        1. As these are all new as far as international standardization is concerned, all will be set to version 1.0.0
    2. Work ua underway to get the property definitions properly defined so they will render properly and be handled right.
      1. Still waiting on Grahame to implement the properties code system.
    3. In-depth TSC demo will be during the January 20 TSC conference call.  Everything as to be working and looking in its final states (but known that debugging will continue so it may be buggy) by then.
      1. Detailed planning is underway
    4. Active list of bugs and issues to be corrected in software (IGPublisher, Editor, TxServer, JIRA workflow, etc.) can be found here.  Some key ones are:
      1. Have a number of IGPublisher issues, including the internally generated html <href> links from the value set expansions are not pointing to the UTG content, but rather back to the FHIR R4 content.
      2. Still unknown the status of the 64 bit update for the tools
      3. The sync issues between GitHub and BitBucket have been addressed; testing is underway.
      4. UI and public facing name of the website and the publishing service for terminology under active discussion with the CTO and Marketing folks at HL7.
    5. Must determine any ONC demo for Sydney
    6. Need to begin discussions of IGs.
    7. Need further discussion on value sets, esp. the FHIR ones.

  6. PSS on FHIR based Quality Reporting (Bryn Rhodes)
    PSS can be found here.   Does vocabulary want to participate in this project?\

  7. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam) 

  8. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 

  9. Liaison Reports  

    a. ISO (Ted) - Next ISO TC 215 meeting end of March in Washington DC (Arlington).   Fall 2020 meeting probably in India.

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Next LOINC meeting will be Much 24-26 in Indianapolis...

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) - 

  10. New Business -
    No new items.

  11. Next call items - 
    1. Do the needed block votes on the FHIR tracker items.

Call was canceled at 4:00pm with failure to meet quorum. Next call in two weeks on January 16nd, 2020, same call-in and screen share credentials.  Note that Ted will be unable to chair or attend the call as he will be on a flight landing at 5:30PM EST.

Action items