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Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-5111

Access code: 224190#

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: cgp-wg

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Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Management Minutes ApprovalMinutes approved by acclimation
BusinessUS Core Publication Update

Brett Marquard 

Discussion: US Core is now published: 

BusinessMilitary History and Status

Ioana Singureanu:

Update on discussion from December 5, 2019

Project Scope Statement: Military Service History and Status FHIR Profiles

Previous action Items:

  • Ioana will update the PSS to reference specific reasons for requiring Cross Workgroup Projects rather than other specific workgroups. We may be able to handle approvals through e-votes.
  • Jean sent a request to TSC to review this request as well. The PSS lite includes a Connectathon in May 2020 to evaluate the new proposed profiles. Some may be good prospects for US Core future ballots / updates, but the project team will need to support the comments on such ballots. How to get such information into US Core will require additional discussion and considerations. — TSC has not yet reviewed this item.

Discussion: The PSS now includes language to more clearly clarify why the Cross Workgroup Projects WG is preferred for this project. The PSS also includes time frames for drafting content by March 2020 and FHIR Connectathon May 2020.  The current version addresses US FHIR base which has not yet been defined as a formal project. Therefore, will update to indicate "e.g., US Core / US base."  It is likely that the Veterans Administration will use this content; thus, US Core/US base will likely be reasonable.

Motion to approve the PSS for military service history and status FHIR profiles with update to interested parties and vocabulary facilitator:

Ioana Singureanu/Mary Kay McDaniel: 10-0-0

BusinessRoad to US Core

Work on the process for adding FHIR profiles and other artifacts to US Core. US Core Update is published:

December 5, 2019 action Items:

  • Brett - need to develop the maintenance process for US Core
  • Consider a new project for US FHIR base - conceptual, still to be defined (include elements that relax constraints established by US Core but provides direction for use of FHIR).

Discussion: See Future of US Core page: Details still need to be fully determined.  Key stakeholders have approved the current content.  The US Realm Steering Committee has indicated further details are needed (e.g., what is meant by "Declare candidacy," "Get Published," etc.). It is intended to represent what EHRs will support - I.e., considering real production usage and not just successful Connectathon testing.

Suggestions discussed by the group:

  1. Define more clearly the role of a steward (I.e., level of engagement - complete work and stay engaged, etc.) Steward should represent a commitment to maintaining the artifacts. Assigning responsibility for FHIR US Base and US Core will be important, especially those driven by regulation, but not limited to regulatory agencies. Regulatory agencies will need to bring resources.
  2. Define expected time frames for each of the steps
  3. Similar requirements and direction will be required for FHIR US Base

Sydney WGMReview Sydney WGM Agenda

Draft agenda: Cross-Group Projects WGM Agenda/Minutes 2020-February (Sydney) - 3 meeting quarters (Tuesday Q2, Thursday Q4, Friday Q1)

Discussion: SOA discussion Tuesday Q2 will review possible transfer of a Cross-Paradigm Transformation Services (CDA to FHIR mapping) project to CGP.

Action item: SOA invited CGP and CGP invited SOA for the same Tuesday Q2 session.  Jean will reach out to SOA to reconcile who is meeting with whom, but the two WGs will meet.

Planned attendance for the Sydney meeting: Eric Haas, Floyd Eisenberg, Jean Duteau, Ioana Singureanu, Mary Kay McDaniel, Rob McClure, Thom Kuhn plan on attending as of today (not attending as of today: Brett Marquard, Peter Muir, Genny Luensman, Craig Newman)

Management Next agenda

Action Item:

  • Next scheduled meeting is Thursday January 9, 2020.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM ET.

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  • Action item for Sydney WGM: SOA invited CGP and CGP invited SOA for the same Tuesday Q2 session.  Jean will reach out to SOA to reconcile who is meeting with whom, but the two WGs will meet.

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