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Chair:  @ Johnathan Coleman

Scribe: @ Suzanne Gonzales-Webb


(ATTENDEES TABLE moved to after Agenda)

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)
Minutes ApprovalApprove: 2019-12-17 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes DRAFT

2019-12-17 CBCP Meeting Minutes Approval

Motion:  Suzanne / Mike

Vote:  Opposed: none; Abstain: none; approval: 8

PACIO Project

No update

  • January update (after CMS Connectathon)
  • Co-chairs to follow up


No update

HL7 Version 3 Standard: Privacy and Security Architecture Framework, Release 1  - NOTE:  ONLY Provenance Volume is open for comments - Mike Davis, Kathleen

Normative ballot - reballot (January 2020) ; only Volume 3 Provenance is open for comments (all volumes under PSAF)

  • currently watching comments, no report out
Ballot Link:
FHIR Consent - David Pyke

Meetings -  Thursday 2PM ET / 11AM Pacific -  CBCP Free Conference Call // Consent Resource

We are meeting this week, please attend!

Cross-Paradigm CUI Profile
Update (Sequoia Project)

a. Cross Paradigm, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) IG

b. Cross Paradigm, 42CFR Part 2 IG

c. Cross Paradigm, Title 38 7332, Security Labeling IG

 Sequoia CUI Task Group (US-Realm) - update
  • met at the FHIR Security call, walked through a dart board
  • next step - working on IG Proposal (step after the PSS) for FHIR portion (Kathleen)
  • working on content, adding information on Confluence page (including high water mark, examples, use cases)
    • Mohammad will be in charge of info getting to build / FHIR IG process information

Cross-Paradigm CUI Profile PSS LinkCross Paradigm US Regulatory Security Labeling IG PSS

DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor


No update / may be combined into Sequoia Cross-Paradign Profile


  • maybe be morphed into Sharing with Protections

Update: Approved, start date is in January for September balloting. 

Security will move forward that will be an IG, use of CUI and Security Labels - PSS(s) will be developed

PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)
Additional Agenda Items - FHIR Security Meetings 

FHIR Security Meetings will resume: February 2020 (details to follow)

  • Need to work on extensions for Security labels in FHIR

 Additional Agenda Items - ONC Annual Meeting

ONC Annual meeting January 27-28 in Washington, DC - on-line registration closed, registration on site available

  • Sessions include:
    • opioid misuse, opioid prescribing issues
    • social determinants on health
    • FHIR sessions, RCE, TEFCA and more
    • session on consents
  • speakers include: Don Rucker, Adrian Gropper, 

WGM Attendance

REMINDER: CBCP will not be officially meeting at the Australia WGM)

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at  1036 Arizona Time 

Temporary Meeting Recording:





VA (Book Zurman)

David Pyke  Co-Chair

Ready Computing
@Jim Kretz SAMHSA 

John Davis  aka Mike Davis

Kathleen ConnorVA (Book Zurman)
@Amber PatelSRS
Chris ShawnVA
VA (Book Zurman)
SSA (Aegis)

@Laura Bright 

@Forrest White forrest.white@altarum.orgAltarum
Greg WhiteSRS
@Hannah Galvin hannah.galvin@lahey.orgLahey

Jamie Parker  Carradora
Victor Vadim Vadim@medside.comMedside
@Joseph Parker?
@Sean Mahoney MITRE 
 Serafina Versaggi
@Jessica Scopac MITRE 
 @Beth Connor Beth.Connor@cms.hhs.govCMS 
@Dave Hill MITRE 

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