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Chair:  @ Johnathan Coleman/Dave Pyke

Scribe: @ Suzanne Gonzales-Webb


(ATTENDEES TABLE moved to after Agenda)

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)

Minutes ApprovalApprove: 2019-12-10 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes DRAFT

2019-12-10 CBCP Meeting Minutes Approval

Motion:  Suzanne / Craig N  

Vote:  Opposed: none; Abstain: none; approval: 8

  • 12/24/2019 - No meeting
  • 12/31/2019 - No meeting
  •  01/07/2020 - Meeting as usual
Group is in agreement
PACIO Project

No update.

  • January update (after CMS Connectathon)
  • Co-chairs to follow up



  • Looking at open gForge items,
    • meetings scheduled with comment submitters for clarification
    • January - we hope to come back to CBCP with dispositions

Working on open comment dispositions using tracker.  Preparing to review with CBCP WG early January

Provenance DAM - Mike Davis, Kathleen

Normative ballot -

  • Ballot Reconciliation completed and submitted on time
  • On track to submit all update to ballot document on the 18th for reballot in next ballot cycle (January 2020)
  • (Mike is looking at Science of Transformation/Provenance view); what it means for a transformation to be reversible in terms of Provenance
<link to project page>
FHIR Consent - David Pyke

Meetings -  Thursday 2PM ET / 11AM Pacific -  CBCP Free Conference Call // Consent Resource

We are meeting this week, please attend!

  • BPPC in FHIR on the Agendas

Sequoia DURSA Review - Mike
 Sequoia CUI Task Group (US-Realm)

Mike has notified Sequoia with the status of the latest work

  • FHIR working group has given approval with assistance from Didi Davis
  • Eric H(?) from Sequoia will be attending the Security WG calls to assist 

Sequoia Cross-Paradigm Profile PSS Update - PSS reviewed by CBCP WG

12/10 meeting - updated PSS: Cross Paradigm US Regulatory Security Labeling IG PSS

PSS will not be approved (officially) with "Publishing as Primary/Sponsor WG" (known glitch)

Kathleen will update based on comments generated, review with Security WG and bring back to CBCP for vote
Motion (Kathleen/Mike & Johnathan) made to approve Cross Paradigm Labels PSS pending the changes:
clarify the relationship of the three profiles in the PS

Discussion on having three IG under the PSS

  1. Cross Paradigm, CUI IG
  2. Cross Paradigm, 42CFR Part 2 IG
  3. Cross Paradigm,, Title 38 7332 IG
    No further discussion, note:  A table is not able to be added to PSS format
    Abstain: none; Opposed: none: Approve: (unanimous)

Share with Protections - Mike Davis


No update.  

This may be dropped - as it is will be incorporated with xx and DS4P FHIR IG

with cross-paradigm move SwP, DS4P FHIR IG and Sequoia DURSA into one line item - (repurpose under Cross-Paradigm project) Suzanne Gonzales-Webb to do

PPT, Word document available (finalized concepts into PPT as it is more consumable)

  • activities may be included with Sequoia work/CUI work (PSS is for machine readable content); 
  • (Sequoia is priority; if there is sufficient overlap/potential alignment Share with Protections will be incorporated into Sequoia work)

DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor


No update / may be combined into Sequoia Cross-Paradign Profile


  • maybe be morphed into Sharing with Protections

Update: Approved, start date is in January for September balloting. 

Security will move forward that will be an IG, use of CUI and Security Labels - PSS(s) will be developed

 PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)
OCP Work / SAMHSA / PPT - Mike

Follow up - no update per MIke - waiting for all IGs to come in

Drop from agenda - Mike will inform with there is update Suzanne Gonzales-Webb to do


Mike has been speaking with Jim Kretz/Ken Salyards about their OCP work - PPT?

  • it would be useful for them to speak on what they expect from their NPRM (Mike will contact them and let us know in advance
(Mike will resend OCP PPT)
WGM Attendance

Confirming coverage from CBCP, Security WG (Note: CBCP will not be officially meeting at the Australia WGM)

  • Will there be a Connectathon?
    • Yes, unclear on how full it will be 

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at  1017 Arizona Time 

Temporary Meeting Recording:






Johnathan Coleman Co-Chair audio

VA (Book Zurman)

David Pyke  Co-Chair

Ready Computing
@Jim Kretz SAMHSA 

John Davis  aka Mike Davis

Kathleen ConnorVA (Book Zurman)
@Amber PatelSRS
Chris ShawnVA
VA (Book Zurman)
SSA (Aegis)

@Laura Bright 

@Forrest White forrest.white@altarum.orgAltarum
Greg WhiteSRS
@Pele Yu Children's Hospital
@Hannah Galvin hannah.galvin@lahey.orgLahey

Jamie Parker  Carradora
Victor Vadim Vadim@medside.comMedside
@Joseph Parker?
@Sean Mahoney MITRE 
 Serafina Versaggi
@Jessica Scopac MITRE 
 @Beth Connor Beth.Connor@cms.hhs.govCMS 
@Dave Hill MITRE 

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