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HL7 PIC Meeting Minutes

Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 379807

Date: 12/9/2019
Time: 11AM Pacific / 2 PM ET


: Sandy

Note taker(s)

 - Sandy





Sandy Stuart (Co-Chair)

Kaiser Permanente

Ken Rubin (Interim Co-Chair)


Karen Van Hentenryck


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Quorum Requirements Met:


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda Topics

    1. Agenda Review
    2. GOM Items Review  (RC1909 Hall comments resp by Meyer_fh.docx)
      1. ITEM 4:  Concerns about "stacking" votes for e-elections.  Introducing potential appeals process.  Recommendation is to defer consideration of this.  Frieda agreed to withdraw this comment.
      2. ITEM 5:  Recommendation to allow workgroups to reduce number of co-chairs, informing HQ if/when that happens.
    3. Brainstorm:  Explore how PIC can be more effectively engaged to support CTO and HQ
    4. Sydney Plans
    5. PIC Article for Next Meeting Cycle
      1. Co-Chair handbook reboot - to be reviewed in Jan 2020 and announced new one in Sydney
    6. Adjournment 

    1. Review Action Items
      1. Ken will take action to propose DMP language.
      2. Karen to find co-chair handbook and add a link from the PIC page (disabled while the review is happening)
      3. Karen to draft a one-pager explaining responsibilities of a mentor
      4. Ken to distribute the mentor one-pager to co-chairs.


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    • Karen Van will extract GOM languange around use of proxy statements for deisgnated org voting reps and create a template.
    • Wayne will invite PIC to worksession around non-normative HL7 artifacts.
    • Ken - Create a biweekly 90 minute call to get this - worksessions.  Will send out a doodle and get this scheduled in Jan 2020. 
    • Create co-chair handbook survey ?
    • Will work with targeted HL7 report-out audiences to leverage the Standards Briefing Template.  Ken will re-surface to Wayne. 
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