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Chair:  @vlorenzi

Scribe: @vlorenzi


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Virginia Lorenzix
Debi Willisx
LLoyd McKenzie
Rachel Richessonx

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Nancy Lushx
Lisa Nelson
Dave deBronkartx
Jan Oldenburgx
Marie Moen
Abigail Watsonx
John Moerkex
Lisa Winstel

Juana Romero

Meeting Info:

 HL7 Patient Empowerment 

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Note that Patient Empowerment has not yet been approved as a workgroup.

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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ManagementWorkgroup formation process updateDiscussed the news that Patient Empowerment is now a workgroup under the Administrative Steering Divisiona and the positive sentiment among  TSC members.  Noted that Rachel and Debi wrote nice pieces explaining why a workgroup made sense.   Debi, Virginia, Dave, and Abdul-Malik are interim co-chairs.  Need to check with AMS to make sure he wants to still be a co-chair.  Also, need to understand process for electing non-interim co-chairs.
ManagementMinutes approvalNancy moved to approve, Abby seconded, Jan abstained, minutes approved.
MethodologyWorkgroup setup items (Review checklist, setup status, publicity/recruitment, plans for January and May WGMs.We are now in the appropriate place under Confluence for a workgroup under Administrative Steering Division.  Debi has begun cleaning up our front page.  Debi and Virginia will create a drat mission and charter based on the initial WG proposal and send around for review.  We will need to review and potentially amend the HL7 group Decision Making Practices (DMP).  We discussed the issue of non-member voting.  would want non-members to be able to vote on calls if possible.  Virginia will send to list for everyone to review and discuss on next meeting.  It is good to review because it will also help newcomers understand process.  Decided to have a Birds of Feather in January meeting (reserve space) and find some group members who are going to Australia to represent Patient Empowerment.  For May we discussed having a Birds of a Feather as well and having regularly scheduled quarters.  We need to schedule our quarters at the time of the February WGM.  John recommended we look at FHIR-Inftrastructure's model where they meet jointly with numerous other groups - not everyone goes to all meetings - split up and go to other meetings (as well as our own quarters) - sometimes those attending the other groups may have planned to go there anyway and could consider taking patient hat role.  We will be moving to for meetings and will have them listed on the HL7 calendar.  Hard to get a repeating invite unless chair creates separately - could create and put on confluence so it can be downloaded.  Decided to do set up of calendar and so that we start using it January 2nd.  We discussed providing visibility to the group and member recruitment.  Talked about need for reaching wider community beyond those that would be in HL7 details.  Also about outreach to those who would.  Problems for participants include cost of membership and cost of travel.  There has been some talk of a patient membership rate.  Virginia suggested an HL7 charity for travel expenses for patient advocate members.  Abby will publicize the new workgroup to her local contacts..

MethologyRound RobinDid not have time
MethodologyPriorities Review and Decision Making (make sure to review and priorities document) - Any progress on Care Planning or Corrections?Did not have time

(time permitting) Review ballot process

Did not have time

Management Next meeting

 Adjournment5:00PMWe will be skipping next week's meeting.  Homework for the 19th: Review DMP and Draft Mission and Charter.
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