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  • CMS Connectathon track
    • A sign-up sheet has been circulated. (Sign up here or attached). Updates were made and the resources for project and track structure are available at the hyperlinks.
    • We reviewed each of the tracks and clarified what each track will focus on during the Connectathon.
  • Updates from HL7 Balloting
    • Both CARIN IGs were approved. We are in the process of sharing overviews with the sponsoring workgroups and will do a series of presentations for the sponsoring work groups. For the CRAIN Blue Button IG, the sponsoring workgroup is the Financial Management Workgroup.
    • CARIN BB EOB Profile Definitions & Value Set Analysis (attached) was recently shared with the HL7 Financial Management Workgroup.
    • We discussed the desire to achieve consistency on terminologies used in financial management across HL7.
      • Work with financial management to make terminologies aligned across HL7.
      • We shared the EOB resources and are going to discuss CARIN's work through US health plans regarding the optimal adjudicated claim.
      • We don’t anticipate a mapping with HL7, but hope that Financial Management Workgroup will look at this and establish a pattern where this becomes the default because we are using real time data. This also aligns with the data health plans have in their systems and the easiest way to share.
      • We discussed the challenge with proprietary terminologies because they require a license to use terminologies for validation and showing results on user interfaces.

  • Refresh and access tokens
  • CMS and ONC are meant to be companion rules, so technical guidance is outline in the ONC rule (attached) and strategic direction in the CMS rule (attached). These rules are proposed address refresh and access tokens and we want to leverage what is already in these rules.
  • We will include language in the IG for implementers which refers to these rules explicitly for technical guidance on access and refresh tokens.
  • We will also consider the inclusion of general information on identity, authentication, SMART on FHIR, and eligibility transactions.

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