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Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Clinical Reasoning/Quality Reporting Track/CCSQ, ESAC, CQI

CMS eCQM Contractor Group in coordination with Clinical Quality Information (CQI) Work Group.

Justification and Objectives

This connectathon track will focus on testing of the exchange and evaluation of data required for CMS Quality Reporting programs including Quality Payment Program, Hospital Inpatient Quality Program, and Web Interface.  This work is necessary as part of the investigation currently underway by CMS to transition current quality programs to FHIR based reporting.  Objectives include:

  • Testing evaluation for CMS program measures
    • EH- 104, 108
    • EC- 124, 125, 130, and 165
  • Testing the exchange of data from an EHR vendor to a CMS receiving system
  • Continue investigation of use of Bulk Data as a means of production level exchange of data and measure evaluation
  • Testing of O Auth or other user authorization mechanism

This track will use what version of FHIR.

  • FHIR STU3 and R4
  • QI Core STU 3 and R4
  • DEQM STU3 and R4
  • FHIR Quality Measure STU3 and R4

Clinical input requested (if any)

Input and review of measure developers for clinical relevance and accuracy of measures converted from the Quality Data Model. 

Related tracks

Bulk Data

Clinical Decision Support

Proposed Track Lead

Bryn Rhodes,

Rob Samples,

Expected participants

  • Apelon
  • Bellese- 2
  • Cerner- ?
  • Cigna
  • Cognitive-1
  • Epic/Rush- ?
  • ESAC- 4
  • Flexion-3
  • Mathematica-2
  • MITRE- 2
  • Semantic Bits-2

Participants, please take a few minutes to fill out the Pre-Connectathon Survey:

Please indicate Clinical Reasoning/CMS eCQM as your track to help connectathon coordinators with planning.

Track Orientation

The track orientation webinar recording is available here:

The orientation slides are available here:

Clinical Reasoning CMS Connectathon Track Orientation.pptx

Connectathon Measure Resources are available here:

A Quick Start for participants that want to stand up their own quality measure evaluation environment is here:

Getting Started with CQL materials are available here:

Getting Started with CQL.pptx

1/6/2020 will be an orientation day for CMS employees. 

Track report out: Clinical Reasoning Track Report Out.pptx

System Roles

Role 1 Name- Provider (EC/EH)

This role represents and EHR or clinical site system as the producer of quality data for submitting to CMS receiving system.

Role 2 Name- Receiving System

This role represents the receiving system that receives the measure report and related patient level data. 


Describe the different scenarios participating systems can engage in during the conenctathon. Each scenario should provide sufficient description that participants can appropriately construct their software in advance to prepare to interoperate during the connectathon.

Scenario 1 Summary Report

Action: A user (EHR vendor or provider) submits a summary MeasureReport for an EP/EC measure

Precondition: System capable of producing a summary measure report

Success Criteria: Measure report is produced and successfully transferred

Bonus point:

Scenario 2 Individual Report

Action: A user (EHR vendor or provider) submits an individual MeasureReport for an EH measure along with related patient data bundle

Precondition: System capable of producing an individual measure report, ability to evaluate a FHIR measure

Success Criteria: Measure report is produced and successfully transferred

Bonus point: Bundles are sent using bulk data protocol, receiving system is capable of performing measure evaluation from bulk data bundle. 


Patient test files with known results for each measure will be produced and made available to connectathon participants. 

Security and Privacy Considerations

 No security or privacy concerns.  All test data should be synthetic or de-identified. 

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