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Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 563-999-2090
Participant Passcode: 792564

Chair:  Michelle Miller
Scribe:  Michelle Miller



XStephen ChuThe Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Irina Connelly Georgia Tech Research Institute 
XGeorge Dixon Allscripts 

Evelyn GallegoEMI Advisors LLC

Eric HaasHealth eData Inc

Rob HausamHausam Consulting LLC

Laura Heermann-LangfordIntermountain Healthcare

Yanyan HuJoint Commission  
XEmma JonesAllscripts

Thom Kuhn 
XRuss LeftwichInterSystems

Tony LittleOptum 360

Jay LyleJP Systems

Chris Melo Philips
XMichelle M MillerCerner

Lisa NelsonMax MD
XMike PadulaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Joe QuinnOptum

Nick Radov United Healthcare 

Stefan RothGeorgia Tech Research Institute  

Casey Thompson  Clinovation

Jack Wallace Georgia Tech Research Institute  

Christi Denney 

Hugh Glover  

Wayne Kubick

Andi Maddela

Amy Nordo 

Lynn Perrine

Robinette Renner

John Stamm

Mead Walker 

Barbee Whitaker  

Tom Yosick 
XDaniel Rutz
XScott Robertson

Quorum (chair + 3) met?  Yes


  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes 2019-11-14 Patient Care FHIR Conference Call
    1. Motion:  Russ/George
  3. AdverseEvent profile

AdverseEvent "Clinical Care" Profile

Scope differences

  • The thing that distinguishes the clinical research from adverse clinical care/worfklow – the patient is enrolled in a clinical trial or study.  You don't know if there is a cause and effect in clinical trial since patient could be on a placebo.  The "first time" an allergy reaction occurs, it would be a clinical research AdverseEvent, but wouldn't be a clinical care context AdverseEvent (since allergy or intolerance was not known until now)
  • In the clinical care context, there is an assumed cause and effect and is tied to adverse workflow.    

Resource Review

  • identifier - ok, could be assigned by risk management
  • status - 
  • actuality – ok
  • category – ok
    • TO DO:  Add "wrong patient", "procedure mishap", "medication mishap", "device", "unsafe-physical-environment", "wrong body site" to value set
  • code – strengthen binding to extensible
  • subject - ok
  • encounter – ok
    • Encounter isn't always required (ex. pharmacy dispenses wrong med)
    • TO DO:  align comments (when event occurred) with definition (when event was created) 
  • occurrence - ok
  • detected - ok
  • recordedDate - might consider 1..1
  • resultingCondition - skip, and revisit later

gForge Backlog




  • FHIR-22123 - Getting issue details... STATUS  waiting on Rob


  • FHIR-25210 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • FHIR-11173 - Getting issue details... STATUS  2016-Sept Core - Patient Care document requirements
  • FHIR-10028 - Getting issue details... STATUS  profile 

SD / SOAP Notes

  • FHIR-12676 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • FHIR-14720 - Getting issue details... STATUS  2018-Jan Core #42 (waiting on Brett)


Condition/Encounter borderline duplicates (joint with PA)

  • FHIR-16148 - Getting issue details... STATUS  In Person - PA owned


  • FHIR-18859 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • FHIR-10635 - Getting issue details... STATUS 2016-Sept Core, 2018-Sep Core STU


Waiting for Input

  • FHIR-8458 - Getting issue details... STATUS  waiting on Daniel
  • FHIR-13389 - Getting issue details... STATUS  waiting on Eric/Lloyd
  • FHIR-23061 - Getting issue details... STATUS  waiting on Lloyd
  • FHIR-25214 - Getting issue details... STATUS  waiting on Lloyd


Adjourned at 6:15pm Eastern

Next Meeting

Preliminary Agenda Items

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
  3. gForge change requests

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