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Roll CallLC
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Josh Procious
  • Marc Duteau
  • Andrew Statler
  • Dave Hamill
  • Jessica Snell
  • Patrick Loyd
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Ballot ProjectLM/JD
  • Final checks in preparation for tracker migration to Jira
  • Josh migrated dev program components to prod see this google doc
  • what should we consider for future migrations. migration of IDs on custom fields, etc. we should plan to script to coordinate those.
  • What is left:
    • ballot import spreadsheet just errors- we will have to chase
      • ballot import works in prod
      • Sanity check on what has been migrated
      • 8 ET FHIR Gforge goes to read only
      • watching to ensure it is clean through out today
      • run last export and migrate
      • wipe issues and load
      • Wayne to send a reminder late this afternoon
      • Follow up by Monday with results
      • Test ticket id for smoke tests will be shared for validation
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
STU Comment Jira MigrationAS
UTG ProjectTK
Other projectsWK/JP

Announcements / AdministrationLC

Next call - December 6