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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes 

(voice and screen)

Date: 2019-11-06
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair:Note taker(s): Anne W.
Quorum = chair + 4yes/no
Co chairsxDavid HayxLloyd McKenzie
Wayne Kubick, CTO
xHans BuitendijkxBrian PostlethwaitexPaul KnappxAnne W., scribe

Josh MandelxJohn MoehrkexBrian PechxBob Dieterle
xGrahame Grieve

xFrank McKinney

xKevin Baskin

xDidi Davis

xRichard Esmond

xMark Roberts

xStan Huff

xPat Taylor

xPooja Babbrah

xAmol Vyas



  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check
  • Minutes from 2019-10-30 FMG Agenda/Minutes
    • MOTION to approve: John/Brian Pech
    • VOTE: Paul abstains. Remaining in favor
  • Action items
    • Reviewed/updated
      • FMG to review wiki migration progress on upcoming call
  • Review Items
      • Kevin Baskin and Stan Huff present the project. 
      • Dates will be adjusted.
      • Will harmonize the vocabulary across the disciplines involved and across realm boundaries. 
      • Hans: Is this a subset of CIMI, or parallel/compatible with CIMI? Stan: The goal is that models for laboratory things will be reused from CIMI content. New things would become CIMI content that could be used by any project. 
      • Grahame asks to be connected with the Australian AVATAR group noted in the PSS.
      • Plan to use the CIMI model creation technology to develop these profiles and implementation guides. Also plan to work with Logica on whatever parts they're able to support.
        • MOTION to approve: Hans/Paul
        • VOTE: All in favor (7-0-0)
        • Paul notes that the timeline should be updated before it moves on.
    • CARIN Blue Button IG Proposal
      • Mark Roberts and Pat Taylor here to present the proposal
      • The guide will define the exchange methods and interoperability "standards" and specific use of FHIR resources to support Health Plan member-authorized exchange of adjudicated claims (i.e. EOBs) information from the Health Plan to members and third-party applications.
      • This would apply to Medicare Advantage using FHIR R4, similar to the CMS Medicare Blue Button based on FHIR R3
      • John recommends that the description elaborate on the data. Hans would like them to explain the pedigree of Blue Button 2.0. What is the use case delta that is implied by Medicare Advantage?
      • The short and long description should be understandable by everyone who comes to the registry, even people outside the blue button space.
      • Amol Vyas arrives. Describes the origins of Blue Button, Blue Button+, and 2.0 and how they relate to each other. John asks him to add that verbiage to the long description.
      • John notes that the original Blue Button from the VA was clinical data and this is claims-based data. It's reusing a branding term that could cause confusion. Discussion over if and how that should be addressed.
        • Need brand clarification prior to ballot or publication
        • MOTION to approve: John/Paul
        • VOTE: 7-0-0
          • Paul Knappand Anne Wizauerto notify TSC that FMG raised concern about the CARIN reusing the Blue Blue button name 
    • CARIN RTPBC FHIR IG Proposal

      • Pooja Babbrah here to present the proposal.
      • This will allow a patient to learn how much their medication will cost from a variety of sources.
        • MOTION to approve: Lloyd/John
        • VOTE: All in favor (7-0-0)
    • FHIR Shorthand - PSS
      • Group reviews - no representative
      • Discussion over what the project is producing. Should tooling be a cosponsor? Question over potential overlap with Structure Definition. Grahame states this is an authoring format, not a publication output.
        • MOTION to approve: Grahame/Paul
        • VOTE: Brian abstains. 6-0-1
  • Discussion Topics
    • Powered by HL7(R) FHIR(R) product/service mark
      • Karen reached out to Lloyd about what types of product categories we should have on the registration process for the Powered by HL7(R) FHIR(R) product/service mark. This is a new initiative by the executive committees where products can register and pay money to post a mark on their product. The relevant product would have to attest to its compliance to FHIR but there is no validation mechanism. 
      • Grahame notes that we have a working process now by which we grant approval to use the FHIR trademark. That process has been deemed problematic by the executive committee. We're moving to a new process that will grant limited-time approvals. You have to be a member or you have to pay. Open source products don't have to pay. It's the same as the current process in that it requires written permission; uses the Powered by FHIR trademark instead of HL7 FHIR.
      • Discussion over various scenarios. Will be discussed with members and implementers before implementation.
        • Carry forward to next week
  • Adjourned at 5:37 pm Eastern