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3:30PM EST (UTC-5).  Note that the clocks in the US have gone off of summer time!


Agenda Topics and Notes

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Carol)
    Call commenced at 3:35 PM with quorum reached and good attendance

  2. Announcements (all)
    •  Harmonization Initial Proposal deadline passed, some issues for uploaded documents (a wrong document, and one that was missed).  Two (at least) will be brought for late acceptance in the meeting on December 3.

    • SNOMED business meeting: (Peter J)
      • All day session on SNOMED on FHIR - including adding concepts to the free set. SNOMED International is not keen on adding qualifier concepts, especially for status concepts (no value for SNOMED in adding adjectives as concepts).  RD: there are many status text strings (e.g. resolved, in remission) in the FHIR resources already, Where is the push coming from?  SOLOR.  Outcomes documented in the SNOMED on FHIR Confluence pages
      • IG planned for end of 2019
      • Meeting was very positive, SNOMED has a terminology server with a FHIR API: SNOWSTORM. Lots of collaboration.
      • There was an unofficial and inconclusive discussion about mapping direction in concept map, pushback to WG decision is expected. RD has been doing some investigation, and so far all feedback is to read a map from left to right.
      • Newest members are Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. Germany very close to becoming a member.
      • Lots of conversation about description logic enhancements; OWL and classifier 
      • The existing attributes for integers will be superseded with concrete domains  (readers are encouraged to read the minutes, and the summary slides)
      • CC will request to add an agenda item related to qualifier vs: findings in a value set  (for 11/19/2019)
  3. Action Items Check  (Carmela)
    No updates for completed items.  Examination of open tasks on main Confluence Page:.  Decided not to review the open action items on this call. 

  4. Sydney WGM Agenda Planning (Carmela)
    Can be found here.   No changes.   Cochairs have updated their current status with regards to attending in person

    1. Reuben will attend, as will Carmela, Peter, Davera
  5. UTG Update
    All information is posted on the UTG confluence pages.
    Focus on completing remaining development efforts to get a full functional system by Christmastime. 

    1. Amol Vyas:    (Blue Button IG). Expands on initial Blue Button. Defines a way for health plans to comply with latest CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) rules Blue Button - exposes to any Medicare beneficiary via any application (approved) to access their EOB (explanation of benefits). Carin Alliance - federal and industry partnership to create a specification for commercial healthplans. Based on FHIR R4. One of few IGs in financial realm, so there isn't a lot of mature content (FHIR profiles) to leverage. They created code systems for terminologies missing from HL7 within the IG.  Is there any harmonization or vetting that needs to happen for those code systems. FM (Financial Management) is the sponsor. PSS for CARIN Blue Button  PSS was just approved.  Amol and Paul Knapp are the vocab facilitators on the PSS.  On the official page Kathleen O'Connor and Mary K. McDaniels are the facilitators.
  6. FHIR Tracker Items (Carmela and Reuben)
    From the tracker call last week: 
    1. Plan for addressing open trackers. Suggest we triage and establish block votes for high priority, R5 items: ConceptMap, NamingSystem and ValueSet (for the VSD compliant profile).  There are a LOT of them:
    2. Inventory of open trackers that must be addressed:
      1. 147 in the Vocab queue:  They can be categorized as:
      2. 72 without a resource identified
      3. 19 for Concept Map
      4. 18 for Code System
      5. 6 for Naming System
      6. 26 for Value Set
      7. A couple for ExpansionProfile_old
      8. some other stray ones.
    3. Concept Map: 19
      1. 2 buckets:
        1. Relevant to #22632 changes 
        2. No longer relevant because of changes agreed to in #22632
    4. Naming System: 6
      1. 6 open, 2 duplicate
      2. Planned for UTG, used in Canada and NZ
      3. Maybe not get to normative for R5, but at least bump up the maturity level from 1
    5. Value Set: 26
      1. 3 buckets
        1. Seemingly simple
        2. No so simple
        3. Directly related to VSDP
    6. Code System: 19
      1. 3 buckets
        1. Related to code system url additions/changes
        2. Seemingly simple
        3. Not related to code system url additions/changes
    7. No Resource
      1. X buckets
        1. UTG related (e.g. missing code system, incorrect URI),
        2. Potentially HTA (for those where a URI has to be assigned to an external code system)
        3. Those that should have a resource identified (23786 and 23785)
        4. Seemingly simple
        5. Not so simple
    8. Expansion Profile:
      1. Seemingly simple to close
      2. Address as part of expand operation.
    9. Tactical Plan:
      1. Set of block votes before Feb Sydney meeting
        1. 2 week cadence. Proposal for block vote sent 1 week before main WG call.  The proposal can be reviewed at the FHIR Tracker call. Assigned person commits to having the material prepared at the FHIR tracker call. At the end of the FHIR tracker call, the info is sent to the vocab listserve and to a new topic in the Terminology Stream on Zulip. (prepare a message that the following tracker items will be voted on next week, and "at sign" notify the submitter.)
      2. Identify items that must be addressed at the Sydney meeting
      3. 1st Group:  (Carmela)
        1. Prepare proposal for Concept Map - Excel export from GForge - with each item in one of the 2 buckets
        2. Summarize into a Confluence Page (model this after previous vocab block votes)
        3. Proposal to be discussed/reviewed at the November 14 Vocab FHIR Tracker call
        4. Announce block vote on November 14
        5. Block vote on November 21 Main WG Call agenda
        6. Vote 
      4. 2nd Group Value Set (Reuben)
        1. Add all issues from the VSDP project (Carol, Carmela after detailed review with team)
        2. Prepare proposal for Value Set - Excel export from GForge - with each item in one of the 2 buckets
        3. Summarize into a Confluence Page (model this after previous vocab block votes)
        4. Proposal to be discussed/reviewed at the December 12 Vocab FHIR Tracker call
        5. Announce block vote on December 12
        6. Block vote on December 19 Main WG Call agenda
        7. Vote 
  7. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    No update as neither Carol nor Rob M. on the call.

  8. Liaison Reports
    a. ISO (Ted)ISO TC215 meeting currently in progress in Daegu, South Korea.  Ted and Rob Hausam attending.

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Combined international meeting held in Mataro, Spain (near Barcelona) October 23-25, Ted attending.

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) - Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia last week.  Rob Hausam and Carol attending.

  9. New Business -
    1. None

  10. Next call items - 
    1. First block vote - concept map (2 separate votes)

Call adjourned at 4:58 pm. Next call in two weeks on November 21st, same call-in and screen share credentials. Note that Carol will be unavailable, in Ethiopia at OHIE community meeting. 

Action items

  • Reuben to send Rob H. a message to allow co-chairs update permission for trackers entered by another person