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Taken from: The HL7 Bylaws section 06.01 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of HL7 shall consist of the following voting members: four (4) Officers (Chair, Vice Chair being either the Chair-Elect or the Immediate Past Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), up to four (4) Directors elected from amongst the Affiliate Members, up to eight (8) Directors elected from amongst the General Membership; and up to three (3) Directors nominated by the Chief Executive Officer and ratified by the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Technical Steering Committee shall be an ex officio member with vote. The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Director (the Executives) shall be ex officio members without vote. The Board of Directors shall determine the number of Directors, within the limits stated above, to be elected by the General Membership and the Affiliate Members, and nominated by the Chief Executive Officer to serve on the Board of Directors.

Taken from: The GOM section 06.01 for more details see the GOM

06.01 Board of Directors
No individual shall hold more than one position on the Board of Directors at any given time.

There are several other paragraphs relating to the board.

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