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3:30PM ET (UTC-4)


Agenda Topics and Notes

  • Roll call and Agenda check (Carol)
    Call commenced at 3:34 PM with quorum reached and good attendance. 

  • Announcements (all)
    • Rob M - NLM/VA Core Problem list has been updated and hopefully be maintained regularly going forward.

  • Action Items Check  (Carol)
    No updates for completed items.  Going forward, group agrees to spend 5-10 mins looking at the summary of open tasks on Vocab's main confluence page.

  • Sydney WGM Agenda Planning (Carol)
    Can be found here.   No changes.   Cochairs have updated their current status with regards to attending in person

  • UTG Update (Jess)
    All information is posted on the UTG confluence pages.
    Focus has been on making progress on an approach to unify versioning across terminology resources managed in UTG. See item #6
    Added ability to render a branch in the IG Publisher. Upon entering Consensus review, a link is created systematically as part of the JIRA workflow.
    Making a lot progress on content enhancements (external and retired code systems)
    Volunteers (Sheila Abner ) are encouraged to help further author and edit templated content in the IG Publisher.

  • Versioning of Vocabulary Objects - code systems, value sets, naming systems, concept maps (Ted)
    A small group (Caroline Macumber , Ted Klein , Reece Adamson , Robert Hausam  and Jessica Bota ) were able to meet on Friday 10/18 and made progress on documenting the advantages and disadvantages of the three noted possible approaches (simple integer, major-minor and semantic versioning).

    In an effort to obtain more feedback/validation of current thoughts, a second call was scheduled for Tuesday 10/22 with Carmela A. Couderc , Caroline Macumber  and Jessica Bota  and a third call was scheduled for Wednesday 10/23 with Rob McClure , Reece Adamson , Caroline Macumber , and Jessica Bota .

    Details can be found here

    Additional Notes from today's discussion: 
    Rob McClure: In the past, users were told to use the "most recent" or "available on a specific date" as versioning was not being done consistent. We need a good story of how versions are integrated into the binding narrative. The most important thing is to be able to provide a reliable diff between versions. Against a more complex approach and for simple integer approach. A "great value" must be shown otherwise. Asks if we do move ahead with "UTG versioning" we consider making the first part the published date (e.g.., PublishedDate_Major_Minor_TechnicalCorrection). Worried that this is a fool's errand and the juice is not worth the squeeze. 
    Reuben Daniels: Good arguments, this isn't trying to solve versioning in general, only for UTG terminology resources. Agrees that the diff is a critical component of lowering the burden for implementers. Thus, its incumbent on all of us to participate in defining the UTG versioning categories. Australia has no current known complaints about the semantic versioning like approach taken in Australia. Against Date Time Stamp as it doesn't carry over international borders.
    Davera Gabriel: Adopt something that makes it easy to understand. Proponent of namespacing, name of file should have structure that enforces and is relevant to version.,,and is pragmatic. 

    Reuben motions: endorse the UTG Versioning approach as currently specified and move swiftly to detailing what constitutes major, minor and technical correction changes. Carmela Seconds.
    Motion carries 5-0-1 (Rob McClure)

  • FHIR Tracker Items (Carmela and Reuben)
    From last call, we are to "complete the decision on tracker item GF#16364 - on the concept map equivalence clarification

    Reuben noted Ted is not present and suggested that we don't make a decision. However, we should proceed with discussion. Noted relationships in Australia all read Left to Right.
    Carmela noted that mappings in UMLS all read Left to Right. The main issue is that the concept map resource is not consistent and confusing in it's description of mapping direction.
    Rob H reported that on the SCT on FHIR call, Michael Lawley said he was in favor of keeping the description and directionality of concept map as it is. 
    Rob M - relationship description is wrong and backwards, needs to be corrected.

    Concept Map 4.10.1: "Mappings are one way - from the source to the target system."
    Current definition of broader: "The target concept is broader in meaning than the source concept."

    Rob McClure: Moves that a new code system is created to be used in the Concept Map Relationship value set, deprecating the previous code system, where codes and definitions align with the definition of Concept Map source to target*
    Additional discussion: The maturity level on is listed as 3...but it has never been published.
    Vote = 4-1-3
    Chair is tiebreaker...

    Rob H further clarified that the current Concept Map Relationship codesystem is already new and only a month old. The previous Concept Map Equivalence codesystem will be removed from the next published version and is no longer associated with any resources. Proposes that instead of carried motion, we fix the maturity level and code descriptions in the current Concept Map Relationship codesystem.

    With this new information:
    Rob M moves that existing Concept Map Relationship codesystem is corrected to be consistent with source to target PLUS the maturity level is set to zero.
    Reuben seconds
    Motion carries 6-1-0
  • Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    Call was held on Monday 10/21. Representatives from CIHR joined to describe their grant proposal on sex-gender info in EHRs.  
    Made more progress on definition for Legal Gender/Sex, work in progress can be found here

  • Liaison Reports
    a. ISO (Ted)Not present

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Did not get to this item

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben) - Did not get to this item

  • New Business -

  • Next call items - 


Call adjourned at 5:05 pm. Next call in two weeks on November 7th, same call-in and screen share credentials. Note that Carol will be unavailable, in Ethiopia at OHIE community meeting. 

Action  items