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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes 

(voice and screen)

Date: 2019-10-30
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair:Note taker(s): Anne W.
Quorum = chair + 4yes/no
Co chairsxDavid HayxLloyd McKenzie
Wayne Kubick, CTO
xHans BuitendijkxBrian Postlethwaite
Paul KnappxAnne W., scribe
xJosh MandelxJohn MoehrkexBrian PechxDidi Davis
xGrahame Grieve

xNagesh Bashyam

xKevin Power

xGustavo Rodriguez

xBrett Marquard

xBrian Ahier

xRik Smithies

xLisa Nelson

xBryn Rhodes



  • Roll Call
    • Numerous guests as listed above representing review items.
  • Agenda Check
    • Added IG proposal
  • Minutes from 2019-10-02 FMG Agenda/Minutes (last quorate meeting)
    • MOTION to approve: Brian Pech/Hans
    • VOTE: All in favor
  • Action items
  • Review Items
    • SDOH FHIR IG Proposal
      • Lisa has updated based on FMG feedback from 2019/10/09
        • Reviewed updates
        • There will need to be a separate proposal for each IG. Discussion over whether multiple guides are necessary. Decision that they can decide and come back with a single proposal if appropriate.
          • MOTION to approve with the suggestion that the committee consider broadening the scope and come back with a single proposal: Grahame/John
          • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
    • Project Approval Request for 2019-01-21 ISO 13606-3/FHIR Implementation Guide - responses from Gary Dickinson to our questions from last review:
      • They might find FHIR experts few and far between at the moment - who are they looking to recruit?
        • This will be a decision for the ISO 13606-3 and 13940 communities.  There is some FHIR expertise in place, but more will likely be needed, particularly as advisors to review documents before ballot.  This may require hiring FHIR experts to for this purpose.

      • Please explain what the intention of the implementation guide is - is it a vehicle to allow the review of the mappings, or is it intended to be implemented somehow?
        • Basically the IG will inform as to how to represent ISO 13606-3/13940 content in FHIR resource instances and vice-versa.
      • Gaps will be taken into advice but not be seen as mandates
        • Presume that “gaps” can be covered by FHIR profiles and extensions.
      • Discussion over appropriate sponsor. MnM may be appropriate as a cosponsor
        • Ok
      • ARB may need to review due to external content
        • Right but recognize that there is no current external content to review.  There is a prior mapping of 13606-3 to FHIR DSTU-2 but that is largely obsolete.
      • Timelines may need to be adjusted 
        • Will consider how to best establish realistic timeframes
          • MOTION to approve: John/Hans
          • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
      • Brett and Nagesh here to describe project. Will create the member attribution list to enable list data exchange. 
        • MOTION to approve: John/Brian Pech
        • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0

      • Rik presents the proposal. 
      • Lloyd has concern that we're breaking things into specific levels that may not fit everybody's models, but is comfortable letting the community decide.
        • MOTION to approve: Lloyd/Hans
        • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
      • Rik presents the proposal 
        • MOTION to approve with the addition of clarifying the relationship between this and the ManufaturedItemDefinition: Hans/John
        • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
    • Normative Publication Request for FHIRPath
      • Bryn here to represent request.
      • Grahame is aware of an issue with broken links.
        • MOTION to approve: Lloyd/Hans
        • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
    • STU Publication Request for Genomics Reporting 
      • Kevin Power represents request.
        • MOTION to approve: Hans/John
        • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
    • STU Publication Request for Data Exchange for Quality Measures STU1 for FHIR STU3 Implementation Guide
      • Bryn presents the request.
        • Anne Wizauer to ask Lynn to add a line on the publication request template to indicate that the QA is free of errors and warnings. If not, please explain.
      • MOTION to approve contingent upon checking with Grahame ot make sure he's okay with existing errors: Lloyd/Hans
      • VOTE: All in favor; 6-0-0
    • STU Publication Request for Quality Measure Implementation Guide STU1 for FHIR STU3
      • Bryn presents the request.
      • Vast majority of errors are because of VSAC references that the publishing tooling doesn't resolve. Several more are a result of the examples being converted and converted back.
        • MOTION to approve contingent upon checking with Grahame ot make sure he's okay with existing errors: Hans/Brian Post
        • VOTE: Grahame returns to the call and abstains. Remaining in favor; 6-0-1
  • Discussion Topics
    • - Grahame requesting FMG endorsement
      • Added logo
      • Added section on Publication Tooling Council. Proposes that FMG creates a publication council with a participant delegate if requested. Would be a task force of the FMG providing publication requirements, requirements of the HL7 IG Publisher tool, and requirements for the standard HL7 and FCP IG templates.
      • Lloyd: For HL7 bringing forward stuff, is this another requirement for approval? Grahame states the extra step is when a project is proposed, we need to inform the community process coordination committee. It's a notification but not an approval gate. The purpose would be to look for overlaps. 
        • MOTION to set up a subgroup of the FMG that is responsible for the publication tooling council/task force: John/Grahame
        • VOTE: All in favor; 7-0-0
      • Grahame nominates Brian Post to be a lead on the publication tooling council, and Grahame volunteers to be the other one. Will meet virtually.
        • MOTION to appoint Brian Post and Grahame as leads and Brian Pech and Lloyd as members on the Publication Tooling Council: John/Brian Pech
        • VOTE: All in favor; 7-0-0
  • Adjourned at 5:30 pm Eastern