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Agenda ReviewLC

Roll CallLC
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Josh Procious
  • Marc Duteau
  • Andrew Statler
  • Dave Hamill
  •  Jessica Snell
  • Patrick Loyd
Announcements / AdministrationLC

Next Call?  4ET Oct 25th

Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
  • Nothing to report - looking forward to what is happening on UTG and builders
Ballot ProjectLM/JD

Conversion not happening this weekend.

Waiting on Richard Esmond on the breast cancer ballot spreadsheet.

Still working on getting Jira to receive and then parse a spreadsheet

Conversion process not yet complete, have selected a solution. There will be a dashboard widget to trigger the upload. Email will be sent with errors and issues on upload. 

Still need to write the validation rules. Need to work out how to do a rollback if there is a problem. Dependencies between the specification feedback issues and the ballot issue that points to it. LOE - 15 to 20 hours of coding and debugging. Elapsed time - aiming for end of day on Monday

Need to follow up on data cleanup next week. Suggest that it is reasonable that by the 28th the data is clean and the import tool working- go back to the TSC and say when can we go. Lloyd not available on the 2nd, weekend of the 9th is still possible

As soon as we know the import is working can do the communication and HQ clean up

Need to inform early ballot they will be spreadsheets. We will need to load the results into either Gforge or Jira, depending on the timing.

Need to determine who is testing the import and load propose Patrick. Also include verifying the ability to extract to a ballot spreadsheet. 

Training videos - Jean consulted with Marc, suggestion is to make a bunch of small topic videos. The intent would be to watch them all in order eg - a reviewer playlist; a tracker manager playlist, etc. Can we get going with comment submission and work group tracker management. For administration; run a Webex session and record it. 

STU Comment Jira MigrationASno update
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • TSC pss pilot workflow change - Project concept form discussion happened yesterday. Josh is putting together a draft form for the project concept entry. Current plan is to distribute concepts to the co-chair list, and have staff triage to determine if it needed other review
UTG ProjectTK
  • as a result of discussions with Grahame in Atlanta, will change how they publish to align with the rest of the FHIR publishing process
  • Ted walked through what is currently build on the Jira architecture
  • Aim to complete the development by end of year - walk through with TSC mid January
  • currently publishing value sets for normative specs. Discussion about value sets for inflight IGs. 
  • working on content debugging and handling imports for v2 and v3, etc
  • Looks like we can automate what we need without outside consulting help
Other projectsWK/JP

Co-chair handbook - 

  •  Ken has been working on quick start accelerator guides rather than the co-chair handbook 
  • Need to finish review of the resource list - That was on Patrick's plate
15:50 ET