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Date: 2019-10-24 InM WG Agenda/Minutes

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian  


XMayo Clinic
XUnited Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente
XVernetzt, LLC
X Altarum     

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Management Minute Approval- approve by general consent
MethodologyBatch Message Structure

Batch message structure in V2.9:

ARV segments were inadvertently added to the message structure, that would be redundant to FHS and BHS; provide more content to this and post the email thread to the page; – do we need to remove some text referencing ARV fields in BHS-17 does this apply to the ARV in this message structure, or in the individual ARV segments in the  messages or is the ARV fields reference more a conceptual notion in this context? And fix typos for FSH-15 through FSH-17 – should be FHS-15, FHS-16 and FHS-17 – also fix any instances of FSH and BSH typos

Get Kathleen to review and update the text for BHS-17 and FHS-17 if needed – approve by Riki, Craig, no further discussion: against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3 

MethodologyApprove Harmonization


Remove the comment on the image sort order, approve for initial submission, bring back before final deadline for any adjustments needed for the previous specimen ID - approve by Riki, Craig, no further discussion: against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3

MethodologyV2 Quality

Review content from Craig.


Introduction was copied from CDA QA – seems to fit nicely

V2 Quality Criteria

In CDA they use criteria for SHALL rules and Best practice = SHOULD – copied over from confluence site

What about the rules of profiling? Already have a statement there – Rob S was going to update the confluence content – so ask him to do the changes in this document instead

Will need NIB for this on next call = 11/7

Will distribute to InM and V2Mgmt


PSS for Notifications (formerly known as Alerts)

Notifications (formerly known as Alerts) main page - needs some updating Ulrike Merrick to do. Alerts IG

FHIR messaging implementation was tested at connectathon in Atlanta.  Also met with PH WG who is doing unsolicited messaging in FHIR.

Allow project team to work on the artifacts – bring back to this WG call for content review prior to ballot opening and also need NIB on the 11/7 call 

Ulrike Merrick  to draft email and send to INM listserve to make group aware – note the expected changes before ballot content freeze on 11/17.

Management Next agenda

 Adjourned at 2:58 PM EDT

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Minute Approval2019-10-10 InM WG Agenda/Minutes
Batch Message StructureApprove removal of ARV from Batch structure
Approve HarmonizationApprove proposal 2019Nov_InitialHarm_INM-01_HL70203_PostINM

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