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Chair:  @ Johnathan Coleman

Scribe: @ David Pyke


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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Minutes Approval2019-10-08 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes DRAFT

VOTE: (motion) :   Dave P / Greg White

Abstain: 0 / Opposed: 0 /  Approve: 9

PACIO ProjectNo update.  eLTSS and PACIO will be working together behind the scenes to co-ordinate the work and information.  PACIO is now referenced on the eLTSS confluence site.

Share with Protections - Mike Davis

Sequoia labelling of HC information - Mike Davis

no update on Share with Protections

  • PSS update
  •  (document update)

Sequoia has had meetings on how HL7 can help by providing standards for labelling Health Care information. 

  • Presentation Decks from meeting to be sent to the list.
  • CUI marking was discussed.  
  • Final meeting with Inara on Thursday regarding legal issues
  • Kathleen has proposed a CUI marking code for harmonization.  More discussion on the Security call.
Provenance DAM - Mike Davis, Kathleen

Normative ballot - Ballot Reconciliation
Mostly comments on Typos/grammar and alignment with a draft ISO standards (e.g., Bernt Blobal's Cube)

Block vote on today's Security call

 DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor

Update: potential  PSS changes outstanding 

Additional Share With Protections Discussion 

  • Some discussions regarding various FHIR IGs on use of Share with Protections
  • Focus is on the recipient, not sender for Share With Protection.
  • Use case in Carin BB and DaVinci coming up frequently where they should refuse certain labelled data that don't meet trust framework requirements or IG requirements.
  • A final recommendations document for HITAC is available
  • The IGs are defining a service which doesn't need to know the client and only publish readily available info but can be used for profiling via multiple request tracking

PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)

Link to Document: 

FHIR ConsentMeetings -  Thursday 2PM CBCP Free Conference Call
FHIR IG Author

Dave e-mailing course recordings to CBCP list and will have posted on meeting minutes 

Recording LINK

Additional agenda Items, topics for discussionAdditional agenda items: None
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:40 ETTemporary Meeting Recording:  






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