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Time: 3:30PM US EDT (UTC-4).  Call started at 3:35PM EDT.


Planned Agenda Topics

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Ted)
    No new items; request to do #5 first

  2. Announcements (all)
    • HTA membership changes - Heather, Rob and Jean are done (thank you!), Carol and Reuben are in (good luck!)
    • Russ Hamm has tendered his resignation as Vocabulary WG cochair for the balance of his term, and we thank him for the years of service in this role.  In the Atlanta WG meeting here was an election on Thursday morning to fill the seat until the next elections which will be midyear 2020, and Carmela Couderc was elected as interim cochair.

  3. Action Items Check  (Ted)
    No notable updates.

  4. Sydney WGM Agenda Planning (Carol Macumber)
    Can be found here

  5. Gravity Project PSS (Lisa Nelson/Rob M)
    Can be found here.
    Motion made to approve the PSS with Vocabulary WG as cosponsor, second by Rob Hausam.   Vote: 8/0/0, motion carries unanimously.

  6. UTG Update (Ted)
    We had a very successful demonstration in Atlanta, and also made good progress on a number of topics.   On our next UTG call we will go over the open items and our immediately priorities.  Planning will soon begin for the development of the next phase of the project between now and Sydney which will be a preproduction system.  It is expected the the effort to get to a nearly-ready-for-showtime state will be larger than the previous cycles in terms of effort in both a project management and development efforts (e.g. developing a membership edition plan and materiais).  The next project call will be on October 1.

  7. FHIR R4 Technical Correction (Carol Macumber)
    Technical correction to R4 due out in a couple of weeks. Clinical Genomics WG to provide good evidence to the Vocab committee by 27th Sept supporting the following changes: -> -> ->

    The salient issue is the Clinical Genoics issued a formal request to fix the published Canonical URI for the above 3 code systems to remove the trailing slash which is breaking various pieces of technology.
    Motion to change the canonical URIs as described above made by Patrick Werner, second by Rob Hausam.   Discussion:  no negative impact from the community all impemente4rw are sugar the ones in the IGs which are the corrected ones rather than those erroneous noted in R4l.  gForge ticket #241120.  Vote: 7/0/0, motion carries unanimously.

  8. FHIR R5 Items (Reuben/Rob H)
    In Atlanta, the decision was taken to push R5 back from 2020 to 2021, so the initial for-comment ballot will not be in Sydney.  The work that Vocabulary WG needs to do to get more on top of this effort now has a bit more breathing space, but we need to keep our eye on this ball.

  9. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam)
    Out of time, tabled to next call.

  10. Concept Map Task Force Report (Rob Hausam and Carmela)
    In Atlanta the changes to concert map that have been discussed for a while were being implemented, and now have a successful build with the updates.  There is an open question of what to do with the older codes and value sets that were published with the previous normative ballots.   Details in tracker gForge #22632.
    There are open questions on what is meant by a status of 'retired'.   What is the impact on previously published standards that are in wide use?   There seems to be two options:
    a - set the CodeSystem.status value to 'retired' and nothing else; set the ValueSet.status value to 'retired' and nothing else
    b - remove the code system and the value set from the current build (as this is a ballot-bound code system it is not in UTG and is published using the FHIR spec.
    Motion to just option (b) and remove both the code system and the value set from the FHIR build, second buy Rob Hausam.  Rob thinks this is the cleanest way to deal with this in our development cycle.  Vote:  7/0/0, motion carries carries unanimously.  

  11. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
     Out of time, tabled to next call.

  12. Liaison Reports
    a. ISO (Ted)Many ballots opening and completing in TC215.   Plenary first week of November in Daegu, Korea. where Ted will attend, as will Rob H (covering for Wayne and Ed at the JIC)..    Ted and Rob will discuss the WG coverage.  

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Registration for Fall meeting in Barcelona October 23-25 now open.  Ted will be attending, and help run the Clinical LOINC meeting on Friday 10/25.

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben) - July 2019 International Edition has been released. Free SNOMED subsets has been released and is available in the refset tool, and the Global Patient Set on whic is being distributed in a TSV rather than RF2.  Working on IGs for SNOMED on FHIR and hopefully will be ready for some review for the Malaysia meeting the end of October.  

  13. New Business -
    No new business.

  14. Next call items - 
    Nothing specific. 

Call adjourned at 5:02 pm. Next call in two weeks on October 10, same call-in and screen share credentials.

Action items

  • Ted KleinAustin has requested an in-depth UTG demo for the TSC so a sense of whether out is ready for go live or not can be gotten.