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Work Group: BR&R

Joint/Shared sessions are in RED

The agenda may vary depending on attendance and interests of the people in the quarter on the day

DayDateAM/PMSessionThemeWG TopicObjectiveAustralia Pacific Relevance2nd Track
Tuesday04 FebAMQ1 General

BR&R Use Cases

Clinical Research Framework

Introduce the core BR&R use cases that define our core interests and go on to describe the Clinical Research Framework that describes the overall process flow of drug development through trials and aggregation of evidence and experience from the real world.

Set this in an Australian and Pacific context

Clinical research is international, but BR&R have a high Europe and North America participation.  This session is an opportunity to extend the use cases and the framework to account for the APAC requirements.

Clinical Research on FHIR Accelerator - Vulcan

EBM On FHIR (Brian Alper)

Describe the major components and objectives of the accelerator. An opportunity to understand the accelerator and if necessary join in.

BRIDG  as a domain model for FHIR

BRIDG is a domain model for all clinical research, but FHIR generally avoids domain models.  Discussion on the necessity of having a domain model and the extent to which BRIDG provides this.

Will begin with a review of the BRIDG model if necessary.

A good learning and development session.



Using data for Cohort Selection

Exploring the use of FHIR for identifying populations within data which specific shared characteristics of interestWhile this is looking from a clinical research perspective there are similar requirements across the spectrum of care.  This project has Australian roots.

Wednesday05 FebAMQ1Projects
  • CSIRO Genomics work (Alejandro)
  • CSIR0 FHIR Work report (Hugo)

Report on the use of FHIR for representing Phenopacket data and sharing with similar data from the UK

Progress report on design and implementation of a workflow for biomarker discovery for clinical research using FHIR

Australian project
  1. NCI Data Commons update
  2. ISO TC215 update  (Byoung-Kee Yi)
  1. Progress on constructing data warehouses
  2. Report of the ISO TC215 group, particularly the genomics work

Representatives to OO

  • General report out
  • Healthcare product
PMQ3 FHIRUnlocking the value from publicly funded health research dataAustralia CSIRO - Lynne Cobiac



(Note there is an all day BPM+ workshop that is also relevant - we may move to that depending on interest)


FHIR Resource Development

  • Using ConMan to test resources
  • Protocol / Schedule of Events / Arms
  • Outcomes
  • Site

Validate ActivityDefinition, PlanDefinition, CarePlan and others for representing specific clinical research topics.

These two quarters will explore the suitability of existing FHIR resources for representing the concepts mentioned.  A good way to learn to use FHIR and contribute to resource development


continue from Q1

Develop action plan for transitioning from the v3 to FHIR

continue from Q1

Ensure continued stakeholder support for the implemented v3 messages and prepare for their transition to FHIR

continue from Q1

Representatives to OO if required


Joint with reps from CIC

Project Report Back

  • sIRB & eSource
  • Review project list

Joint with reps from CIC

Project Report Back

  • sIRB & eSource
  • Review project list
A good opportunity to review the overall work of the group

Representative to CDS 

  • Using PlanDefinition
PMQ4 FHIRwith Patient CareContinue with development of the AdverseEvent resource.
Joint with Patient Care - Adverse event discussion (PC Hosting)

Friday07 FebAMQ1 FHIRFHIR-I Joint - regular liaison sessionReview of BR&R work plans for FHIR and the intended balloting timetable.


Joint with reps from EHR

  • Revision of the EHR Functional Profile for Clinical Research
Review the content of the profile and decide how this should be updated.



  • Approve Minutes from Sept 2019 WGM
  • Agenda May 2020
  • Conference call schedule
  • 3 Year Plan
Regular work group business meeting

PMQ4 open


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