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Date: 2019-10-17

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer  




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XMayo Clinic
XParker Digital Health Computing 


Duteau Design
XCANA Software and Service Ltd
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Management Minute ApprovalAccepted via general consent

MethodologyFMG Policy on Breaking Changes

Reviewed document. Goes along with our discussion of errata.  Lorraine challenges the statement "technical corrections cannot be substantive/breaking changes." Sometimes these changes are substantive. Technical corrections are applied to a published spec when the published material does not reflect the original intent of the WG, which MAY be substantive. Tony adds in-line comments to the document.

Hugh suggests that the first situation described would only apply to Normative. 

There is no mention of the CTO's involvement in the current publication process for technical corrections. 

Needs to tie in with the work we're doing with technical correction policies.

Lorraine notes that the text states such changes are always prohibited but then goes on to list situations in which we can make them. Suggests the business community should be mentioned in addition to the implementation community. 

Other than wordsmithing, the overall concept seems good.

Lorraine notes that the communication should be coordinated with the STU update feedback process. Could be tied to JIRA/Gforge feedback process.

MethodologyRTSSRon will be setting up meetings to review with methodology groups and others beginning next week.


Reviewed current document. Feedback was that TSC wanted to keep the term technical correction instead of moving to errata/erratum. Tony agrees to re-draft and circulate next week.

Hugh asks about updates to mapping documents and substantivity.  May need some methodological guidance from the Vocab WG and HTA. 

ManagementNext agenda10/24: Updated Technical Correction/Errata definition review
10/31: HSRA Project Update

Adjourned at 5:51 pm Eastern
Next week's call is at 4:00 pm Eastern

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Minute Approval2019-10-10 ARB Agenda/Minutes
FMG Policy on Breaking ChangesProposed Policy for Breaking Changes
RTSSCharacteristics of Realm Transferable Standards v0.05

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