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Jean DuteauCross Group Projects
Sandy StuartPIC
Michael Van der Zel BScEST
Virginia LorenziEducation
Austin KreislerTSC
Dave DeBronkartPossible Patient Empowerment Workgroup
Debi WillisPossible Patient Empowermen Workgroup

Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call –
  2. Approve Agenda -
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes - Dec 17
    • Motion:
  4. Steering Division Topics
    • Austin Kreisler would like to start discussions on common problems such as participation
  5. Patient Empowerment
    1. Proposed WG proposal
    2. Concept of Patient Workgroup would be brought to TSC - unclear what workgroup it belongs in.  Austin wants to poll the TSC
  6. Member Group Updates
    • Education
      • New FHIR intermediate course, course for non-software developers, certification/training of instructors, how do we get people certified, concerned over HL7 process classes - collab with PIC.
    • Electronic Services & Tools
      • Jira transition and cloud.  Not sure if they are meeting in Sydney yet - talking about it later this week.
    • Process Improvement
      • Sandy will be in Sydney
    • Project Services
    • Publishing
      • 2.9 is being published
    • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Management (Liaison, Brian Pech)
    • Product Line Architecture (Liaison, Brian Pech)
      • Brian will be in Sydney
    • Cross Group Workgroup
      • They have a charter but working on making the process more clear.  Expect Argonaut/US Core spec to come to it.
      • Will be meeting in Australia at least for one quarter
  7. Meeting adjourned at <8>
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