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Time: 3:30PM US EDT (UTC-4).  Call started at 3:35PM EDT.


Planned Agenda Topics

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Ted)
    Carol noted that last time we had a request from SD which triggered the following:  "Community call for vocabulary expertise capacity building within HL7. In particular, for IG authoring."
    Can we find a slot in the Atlanta agenda for this?    Yes, Wednesday Q

  2. Announcements (all)
    •   No announcements.

  3. Action Items Check  (Ted)
    Reuben took care of his on the difference between nomad and unmap concepts.   The rest of the folks continue to be encouraged to review their task list in Confluence periodically

  4. Atlanta WGM Agenda Planning (Carol Macumber)
    Added a number of topics.

  5. Canonical URI policy for Code Systems published by organizations other than HL7 (Ted/Rob M)
    from 8/29 discussion:

    Initial thoughts:
    1. V3 for UTG import took the approach of creating URIs under  Note that all of these external code systems have OIDs in v3, but all of these OIDs are created in the internal HL7 code system branch (2.16.840.113883.5).  This was done for initial debugging of the initial UTG tooling and rendering, and is intended to be TEMPORARY policy to take external terminologies that have had OIDs defined in V3 and/or V2 and to create URI in the form "v3-extTmp-name" where "name" is an acronym or short name for the terminology.  This can be used to search for those URIs that MUST be 'cleaned up' and either have a proper URI assigned by the owner of the terminology, or have the new policy applied.  
    2. We are out of time and need to defer the discussion to the next call.  Rob Hausam willl work a bit on this to prepare for next call.  

      Ted has laid out a scheme for UTG where all of the HL7 resources will have end points at will have html files for the code system name (the primary endpoint with the human readable browser page for the code system, and html files for the xml (the rendered raw resource content), the json and the turtle versions as well.  The same pattern will be done for
      but no clue how this will relate to the URIs for objects not curated by HL7.

      Not sure at this time if better to have the xml and json and ttl files available invidicually in their respective directories, or to have zip files of all of them downloadable at fixed locations for servers to download them.
      Lloyd noted that browsing servers should be configured (as the one serving FHIR is now) such that the URL of the code system canonical URL (e.g. redirects automatically to    Same if an extension is appended to the canonical URL for xml, json, or tty.    Should we do this at HL7? (need discussion with DJ)

      Can we finalize this, along with our proposal for assigning URI values for code systems (and perhaps value sets?) for non-HL7 terminologies.  Do we have a report from the group that was to discuss this over the past 2 weeks?  Ideally HTA should articulate a policy, but Vocab needs to make a recommendation to HTA on what they should adopt and formalize.  

      1.  For organizations owning these terminologies, the ones that are judged sufficiently technical savvy to be able to create a URI, reach out to the organization with a request for a URI supplying them with all the information that HL7 has on their terminology from the coremif, V2 publication, and OID registry.
      2. For organizations that cannot be expected to create a URI, the HL7 should create one in the following syntactic form:
        1., where "name" is the short name in the OID registry or other published HL7 artifacts.
        2. Note that we still do not have a policy on the formal names, publishing locations, and URIs for our Naming System resources.  We in the vocabulary WG need to put some effort into what we need for NamingSystem.
      3. We are out of time and need to continue the discussion in Atlanta.

  6. UTG Update (Ted)
    Alpha testing has completed, report on the test results are on the Confluence UTG project pages.
    We have the rendering using IGPublisher of all folders except 'External' implmented, and it has also been initial depleted to
    Coremif is successully generated using the latest resources and manifests and it is valid (but we have not yet looked at it in RoseTree)
    Tasks and topics for Atlanta are setup in the agenda, and an additional focus quarter Tuesday Q4 has been allocated as well. 

  7. Glossary Project (Heather)
    No updates as key participant not available.   Should probably discuss what we will do about this project during our project review in Atlanta.  It was noted that Susan Barber will be in Atlanta to socialize. 

  8. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
    Out of time, tabled to the Atlanta WGM.

  9. Concept Map Task Force Report (Rob Hausam and Carmela)
    Project update:  Was discussed last week, and work is underway to get the changes into the build.  Rob H is working on the issues and hopefully will have something for us to look at in Atlanta.  It turns out that ConceptMap is the only resource that is not yet normative.    We have a response from Michael Lawley from Reuben that "nomap" is an explicit statement of mapping indicating that the concept cannot be mapped and a declaration is being made that there is no mapping for this concept; "unmapped" is the default behavior for any item that does not have a mapping in the map, but it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO 'nomap'; users may define default values or other types of handling for concepts that are 'unmapped'.   More work is underway on potential renaming of some elements to make them less confusing.  We do need to reexamine the open tickets on ConceptMap.

  10. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    Project update:  no update from last week.   Everyone is looking forward to the discussions in Atlanta on the newly created definitions, and evaluation of the feedback from Canada.

  11. Vocab Facilitator Review (Heather Grain)
    No updates as key participant not available.   Needs to be reexamined in the light of upcoming UTG, and this is related to the discussion planned on Wednesday Q3 in Atlanta relative to the discussion on Vocabulary WG support for IG creation and value set authority.   

  12. Liaison Reports
    a. ISO (Ted)Many ballots opening and completing in TC215.   Plenary first week of November in Daegu, Korea. where Ted will attend, as will Rob H (covering for Wayne and Ed at the JIC)..    Ted and Rob will discuss the WG coverage.  

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Registration for Fall meeting in Barcelona October 23-25 now open.  Ted will be attending, and help run the Clinical LOINC meeting on Friday 10/25.

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben) - July 2019 International Edition has been released. Free SNOMED subsets are available in the refset tool and will be available in the Global Patient Set on Sept 1st and will be distributed in a TSV rather than RF2.  Working on IGs for SNOMED on FHIR and hopefully will be ready for some review for the Malaysia meeting the end of October.  

  13. New Business -
    No new topics.

  14. Next call items
    TBD in Atlanta.

Call adjourned at 4:56 pm. This was the last call this cycle, the next main Vocabulary WG calls schedule will be determined at the Thursday planning session at next week's WGM in Atlanta.

Action items