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HL7 CSD Agenda 



FacilitatorFloyd EisenbergNote taker(s)Melva Peters

Roll call

Introduction of Guests

  • Davera Gabriel
  • John Forrester

Review Agenda

Approval of Minutes from Montreal Meeting


  • David Pyke was elected as CSD Co-Chair - Congratulations

Co-Chair Elections 

  • Moving to annual elections as of January 2020
    • Starting next year, the election cycle will start in May with nominations and voting in July
    • Co-chairs will assume their position in January 2021
    • Terms for co-chairs expiring in 2020 - will be extended to December 31, 2020
    • Terms for co-chairs expiring in 2021 - will be extended to December 31, 2021
    • If all of your Co-Chair terms expire in 2020, you may want to consider splitting the terms so that half of the terms are for 1 year initially.
NameAffiliationTerm Expires
Martin HurrellAnesthesiaJan 2020
Hugh GloverBiomedical Research and RegulationMay 2020
Myron FinsethBiomedical Research and RegulationJan 2020
Guilherme del FiolClinical Decision SupportJan 2020
Howard StrasbergClinical Decision SupportSep 2020
Gil AlterovitzClinical GenomicsJan 2020
Bob MiliusClinical GenomicsSep 2020
Russell LeftwichClinical Interoperability CouncilSep 2020
Amy NordoClinical Interoperability CouncilJan 2020
Floyd EisenbergClinical Quality InformationMay 2020
Juliet RubiniClinical Quality InformationMay 2020
Jonathan ColemanCommunity Based Care and PrivacySep 2020
James KretzCommunity Based Care and PrivacyMay 2020
David PykeCommunity Based Care and PrivacySep 2020
Suzanne Gonzales-WebCommunity Based Care and PrivacyMay 2020
Dominik BrammenEmergency CareSep 2020
Laura Heermann LangfordEmergency CareJan 2020
Todd CooperHealth Care DevicesJan 2020
John GarguiloHealth Care DevicesSep 2020
John RhoadsHealth Care DevicesMay 2020
Russell LeftwichLearning Health SystemsSep 2020
Stephen ChuPatient CareMay 2020
Jay LylePatient CareJan 2020
Joginder MadraPublic HealthSep 2020


Project Scope Statement Submission Deadline

  • Must submit PSS to PMO and Steering Division intended for MAY 2020 BALLOT CYCLE - 2019-10-04
    • Work Groups will need to monitor the progress of their scope statements to ensure that they obtain the necessary US Realm Steering Committee, FMG, Steering Division and TSC approvals before the ballot opening date
  • Must have final approval by TSC by 2020-01-05
  • Submit Notice of Intent to Ballot - date TBD
  • Please use the latest version of the Project Scope Statement template: on Confluence

Updates from the TSC

Work Group Health Review

PBS Metric Review

  • PBS_Metrics_20190909.xlsx
  • How do you handle removal of co-sponsorship?
    • no need to go through approvals
  • What happens if you can't get projects/Work Groups to come back for review?
    • Talk to Steering Division Co-Chairs
  • What is the obligation of Co-chairs for projects that that bring content that is not of good quality?
    • Can stop a project from going to ballot if not of sufficient quality
    • If there is a preponderance of influence, can invoke the DMP and prevent some people from voting
  • What should Work Groups do with standards that are intended to go Normative but now will never?
    • TSC is investigating

New Business

Dental Interop

New Work Group Formation - Translational Research

  • New Work Group Translational Research.doc
  • Discussion - CD2H - idea to have a WG came out of a successful workshop held in May
    • want to work on projects
    • Since the proposal was created, there has been discussion that there should be an Accelerator Project
    • Projects would be sponsored by BR&R
    • Will be attending Birds of a Feather related to Learning Health System
    • Information provided about Birds of a Feather - meeting to talk about potential to do some work
    • CD2H have started to do some mapping work and creating a FHIR Server
    • Hugh - doesn't see anything from this project that doesn't fit under BR&R
      • believe it can be managed projects under BR&R - WG can be created at a point in time if it gets too big
      • new Accelerator project "Vulcan" kicked off during Sunday meeting - clinical research
        • Chris Shute has volunteered to be under this
    • New WG proposal should be placed on hold for now until further discussions have taken place

Mission and Charter

Motion to adjorn - Suzanne - Jim McClay - Carried 12-0-0