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Tracker 18082

Tracker 24635

18082 Ulrike Merrick / Sandra Stuart Change to no action required. 



Nick Radov / Ulrike Merrick

persuasive with mod:  Change cardinality and update text in tracker.


Tracker 20704

Tabled    see disposition in tracker.

Also, Messaging description page as well as needs to more clearly describe ID and identifier.


Add messageHeader.identifier – this would be a business identifier, so cardinality should be 0..*, type = identifier – add in before event – there as comments from Lloyd and Hans – should ask both of them to be in the room for discussion.

Would there be a reason to reference just the messageHeader by itself? = to know who made the message and sent it to whom potentially

It seems you can only have 1 message per bundle, since bundle = message

messageDefinition is using the URI as the business identifier and = Rick will log a tracker for this

when the recipient parsed the bundle, then the bundle identifier is gone how would the recipient know who created the bundle

Where to map MSH-10 to? Looks like bundle.identifier

Change the definition of MessageHeader.response.identfier:

The bundle.identifier of the received bundle where bundle.type = message and change type from ID to Identifier – cardinality 1..1

From v2 mapping perspective MSH has been split across 2 resources into bundle and messageHeader

Find not persuasive with mod.

Also need to update the text on messaging to give more guidance – also add some guidance to the message header as well explaining how to handle the message identifier

Section – needs to get cleaned up to highlight the difference between IDs and identifiers = Rick to add a new tracker = #24645


Tracker 20522

REF: 21644. Persuasive with Mod. Ulrike Merrick / Rick Geimer 


If source is Required but all children are optional, then you MUST pick at least one of the children = see#21644

Asking for in person from V2FHIR project – but we think of making these elments optional should be ok.

Motion to find persuasive with mod: will make MessageHeader.source.endpoint and optional = Nick Radov, Rick Geimer, no further discussion, against:0, abstain: 0, in favor: 7

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Tracker 20704

Tracker 20522

Tracker 18082
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