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Time: 1 -2 PM EDT


  • #FreeConference: Ord
  • +1 515 606 5332
  • Access Code: 294586#





Kathy WalshLabCorp


Craig NewmanAltarum


Ralf HerzogRoche


John Moehrke


Hans BuitendijkCerner


Eric HaasHealth eData


Rob HausamHausam Consulting


Andrea Pitkus


Yanyan HuThe Joint Commission


Patrick LoydiConnect


JD NolenChildren's Mercy Hospital


Becky Gradl


Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting














Co-Chair:  Hans Buitendijk

Scribe:Hans Buitendijk


  • Agenda Review
  • Minutes
  • WGM
    • Update of Sydney schedule...things shifted by a day (e.g. Sunday to Monday, so meetings will start Tuesday and run through full day Friday)
    • OO WGM 201909 - Agenda
      • Device/UDI topic for Tuesday or Wednesday Q1 (maybe early Q2)
    • OO WGM 201909 - Attendance Log - please indicate your planned attendance
    • Hans to explore shifting one of the Q0-s to Tuesday.
  • Follow up on Question on V2.9
    • Is the referenced document in the ballot spreadhseet for the items associated with the date field verbiage changes the latest (last modified date of 20190606)? - Ulrike Merrick
      • Kathy indicated that the issue she raised was resolved, so no further action required.
  • FHIR
    • Doc Ref/Media/Attachment update and ownership
      • Approved the merge of DocRef and Media. Has been merged.
      • Update to Attachment was made as well.
      • So both should be in the build.  But still some mark-up done for STU.  Either Eric or John.  Eric has open question.
      • Hans to get with FMG that OO will become the new owner.
      • Then need to take ownership of gForges (John) and begin working through them using OO on FHIR primarily.
      • John to take on DocRef ownership to manage queue and updates.
    • ValueAttachment
      • Tuesday Q2
    • Nutrition Connecathon Update
      • Tuesday Q2
  • Review PBS Metrics
    • Looks good.
  • Project updates:
    • LIVD
    • Order Service Catalog
    • Nutrition
      • did not meet this week
      • Have nutrition intake as draft in current build for connectathon.
      • Participating in Care Planning track and looking at sample resources that Dave Carlson is working to update nutrition resources.
      • Have another person on the committee may attend with developer support.
      • Sept 2019 Connectathon: 2019-09 Care Planning and Management Track
      • Meetings:
        • Every Friday 2-3 ET
      • Project page link: Nutrition
    • Specimen DAM
    • FHIR (OO on FHIR)
      • Continued focus on related resources for consistency.
      • Will re-focus on trackers shortly.
      •  Meetings:
        • Every Tuesday 2 -3 PM ET
      • Project page link: FHIR
    • AUC
      • CMS did release codes to use.
      • IHE needs to update Volume IV to reflect that.  Hopefully before end of year.
    • CIMI/Concept Modeling
      • Need to reach out to CIMI on what is next.  Will discuss during WGM.
      • AMA blood pressure monitoring.  Rob is working on connectathon.  OO is to be primary sponsor.  Will create separate line ones established.
    • DME
      • Aiming for January 2020 ballot, so expect work to start up soon
    • Eyecare
      • Next discussion September WGM
    • Lab Order Model
      • Next discussion September WGM
    • Healthcare Product: Device/DeviceDefinition/UDI
      • Focus will be:
        • Device gForge trackers, then device Def and boundary updates so we can FMM the resource proposals from 0 to 1
          • Discussion of substance still ongoing (mixed bag of instance and kind and if substance can be used as subject for supply request
            • Did substance ownership move to BRR? Think that was decided in Jan2019 WGM – substanceDefinition
          • Pharmacy is participating in Healthcare product calls (John Hatem)
        • Meetings: 
          • weekly calls Mondays 3 -4 PM ET
        • Project Page Link: Healthcare Product
    • US Realm Lab (eDOS/LOI/LRI)
    • V2+
      • Meetings:
        • Every other Friday, 9-10am ET
      • Project Page Link: V2+
      • EA Cloud link - 
        • but need to have user ID to view
        • need to set up so folks can view without logging in – Ulrike Merrick to bring topic up to HQ
    • V2.9
      • Last person withdrew negative.
    • V2-to-FHIR

      • Connectathon Sept 2019: 2019-09 v2-to-FHIR
      • Meetings:
        • Content - NEW TIMES starting 5/20
          • Mondays 1 - 2 PM ET
          • Tuesdays 11 - 12 AM EDT
        • Tooling:
          • Wednesday
      • Project Page Link: V2-To-FHIR Project
    • SNOMED on FHIR
      • Joint effort by HL7 and SNOMED International.  Looking at resources that use, or should use SNOMED-CT in FHIR.
        • Looking for guidance on how to use SNOMED-CT in the Observation Resource (for example looking at code, value, and interpretation.)
        • In-scope, taking value sets that are not SNOMED and seeing if they should be coded by SNOMED (like immunization codes)
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