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Help us help you to develop and market quality health and wellness apps

The European Union wants to harness the potential of data to empower citizens and build a healthier society. Common principles and certification are to facilitate the supply of innovative digital-based solutions for health, also by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. The European Committee has asked CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, to develop a Technical Specification for quality and reliability of health and wellness apps. To ensure consistency with international standards this is a collaboration with experts from the standardisation organisations ISO and IEC.

As part of this effort we would like to establish what activities developers of health and wellness apps undertake to ensure quality and reliability, and how easy or difficult that is. How much time, money and effort went into developing and marketing your health and/or wellness app(s)? With your input via this link:, we think we are better able to succeed in our aim. That is: to develop a specification that is widely adopted, can support demand uptake, and mobilise more efficiently public funding for health and wellness apps.

This survey is accessible in November 2019 only. We're looking forward to including your anonymous experiences. An infographic of the results will be published latest in January 2020 on

Thank you!

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