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Agenda ReviewLC

Roll CallLC
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Josh Procious
  • Marc Duteau
  • Andrew Statler
  • Dave Hamill
  •  Jessica Snell
  • Patrick Loyd
Announcements / AdministrationLC

Next Call?  Send a doodle for the week of Sept 30

Webmaster's ReportDJ
  • DJ is aware of the needed changes for UTG. DJ's main focus is moving to a new server. Target date is Oct 22nd
Ballot ProjectLM/JD

From Skype conversation with Lloyd, as he sends his regrets:

  • Jean is done testing, I think. I think we're a little tight to transition before the WGM, so my leaning now is to transition as soon as possible after the WGM.
  • Don't need to be done reconciliation, but probably best to be done gForge load.
  • When we move, it'll be all at once
  • gForge needs to be locked down when Jira goes live (note, just for the FHIR change tracker)
  • Conversion can only happen once.
  • So it should definitely happen before ballots open again
  • We will transition while reconciliation is ongoing

Lorraine: Just saying we will have to prepare explanations and answers to the inevitable questions everyone will ask

  • Lloyd, 11:41 AM
    Sure Documentation is already pretty robust, but we can enhance if areas are found lacking. And we'll have to do training webinars.
  • Lorraine
    So that needs to be prepped before we switch, and likely some communication in atlanta
  • Lloyd, 11:42 AM
    It'd be nice to identify a transition date for announcement in Atlanta.
  • Transition will involve a bunch of time in cleaning up gForge (again) and making sure it loads cleanly. Then locking gForge from submissions, doing a final export, running the conversion and import and getting Joshua to change the permalink to redirect to Jira instead of gForge.
  • We'll also update gForge intro with a big bold link telling people to go look at Jira.
  • Lorraine: do you have a level of effort estimate for that?
  • Lloyd: 3-4 solid days for cleanup (it's invariable a pia). Have to do a bunch of cross-checking of user emails, manage duplicate accounts and other noise too.
  • Actual conversion and load takes about 5 hours
  • Actually, make that 6, because need to give the gForge extract process time to run too.
  • Lorraine: any way to give you assistance?
  • Lloyd: Some parts of the cleanup can definitely be done by others
  • We need the QA report to be clean as a start
  • And I can spit out the reports from the load process that identify user issues, etc.
  • Lorraine: Which means people need to pause making changes for a few days after qa clean, or will never be stable
  • Lloyd:  Not really. The bulk of the cleanup work will be with existing records. If we do the cleanup in the week before load, the cleanup needed when actually doing the load will typically be pretty small.
  • But yes, will need to allocate a few more hours for that too.
  • Basically, should assume that the tracker will be unavailable for 1 day.
  • Lorraine: My bias is to put some contingency around that
  • Lloyd: Sure. If we say it's unavailable for a few days and make it available after 8 hours, no-one will complain :)

Need to draft a transition plan - talk to Jean about the steps and when. Draft for Atlanta

Lloyd said some training material available. Review the material and decide next steps

STU Comment Jira MigrationAS
  • reviewed the FHIR Jira and reviewed the items from Gforge; created a mapping to the current Jira layout. May need to adjust the conversion
  • need to discuss how much to convert and the requirements from STU
  • other is do we extend to other standard types?
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • need to review current Jira projects - Josh to get a current list 
  • now have task TSC names to work on the details of the pss workflow. Lorraine to send out a doodle to get a meeting going
  • Jira/Confluence were down on Tuesday for about 4 hours longer than planned. We are over 10 Gigs in size in Confluence. Process will look like moving the database manually, and then moving attachments manually. This is to move to the AWS account to allow scalability and performance, as well as splitting Jira and Confluence to separate machines
  • Need to discuss an archiving plan. Architecture will allow more scaling. 
  • can we see who is hitting wiki - recent changes link are available. Perhaps can get a web server report about views on the wiki
UTG ProjectTK
  • Alpha test just finished yesterday of the consensus review voted. Working with Josh for the weighted, parameterized voting scheme. Kudos to Josh for the work done on the set up and transition. Fixed a few permission items. 
  • Jira workflow on the proposal prep and decisions works wonderfully
  • Architecture changes needed
  • IG publisher will not work with the Bitbucket material. They have hard coded GitHub references. HL7 servers for Bitbucket allows us to manage this well. Ted wants to keep that for proposal preparation.  Once something is submitted, do we migrate the submitted branch back to GitHub. the Github master terminology source will have branches for terminologies in flight. They already do this for IGs in branches. We will be rendering UTG pages live with the IG publisher mod for the build against the terminology
  • we will do a render of a proposal branch so reviewers can navigate this view. Since branch that will be voted on is a branch in git. Approved changes are just applied to the branch and then moved into the master
  • dependency that is missing is to migrate Bitbucket branches and create a branch off of the git trunk.
  • New addition is In flight proposals - will need to host those rendered places on, and will need to add link to proposals that go out for review. 
  • Todo: Area to generate proposals for the branches. Migration of the Bitbucket branch back into GitHub. Update of the IG publisher complete configuration to drive IG publishers to add the text and informational pages.
  • Big piece on Grahame's plate is to adapt IG publisher to run against the inflight proposal branch to render material
  • Will add some custom fields for URLs for users to link to review material. 
  • Discussing how we simplify for non-sophisticated users.
  • Post Atlanta tasks: Release management. Creating webpages to do the release publication. Parallel to FHIR - current build up to date; snapshots for releases for ballots; connectathons, etc. 
  • Some items may kick off server side scripts. Discussed need for security testing for scripts. FHIR tooling takes arguments that were entered into Jira custom fields so we can handle the validation in post functions that will be transferred to the release management workflow. May have some additional workflow steps. 
  • Josh will investigate after this weekend to determine what needs to be done between Bitbucket and Github - should know steps by WGM.
    • What are the criteria to determine when to go live? Currently tracking for early 2020. Will also need a transition plan. Hoping the next harmonization will be the last on the old system.
  • UTG - Tuesday Q1 in Vocab. Summary of progress; planning and next steps. Lunch on Tuesday is the ONC demo.
Other projectsWK/JP

Co-chair Handbook:

  • Patrick has begun review. Too early to update