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Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian


XMayo Clinic
XUnited Healthcare
XKaiser Permanente

Vernetzt, LLC
X Altarum     
XKaiser Permanente

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Management Minute ApprovalMotion to approve minutes as posted: Sandy/Nick 4-0-1
MethodologyHarmonization Proposal

Discussed  proposal to add PPAN to table 0203.

Nick: Print name: Application userid

Hans will take back to Cerner to discuss alternates, communicate via email, and we will review at the WGM


Nick:  Robert Dieterle   filled in background:  Looking for a home for the project alerts PSS.  Expansive use case - IG will touch on many work groups: PC, PA... need a "home" - primary sponsor.  Technical alerting will be through messaging.

Craig: US core is discussing a cross-workgroup effort.

InM should define the pattern(s).  Cross would coordinate instantiation.

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 Adjourned at

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Minute Approval2019-08-08 InM WG Agenda/Minutes
Harmonization Proposal

DaVinciPSS for Notifications (formerly known as Alerts)
WGM AgendaINM September-2019 Atlanta WGM Agenda

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