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HL7 PLA Call Minutes 


Date: 2019-08-23
Time: 11:30 AM
FacilitatorMary Kay/ AustinNote taker(s)Anne


xCalvin Beebe

Lorraine Constable

Jean Duteau,

Tony Julian
xPaul Knapp
xAustin Kreisler
xMary Kay McDaniel
xBrian Pech

Wayne Kubick

John Roberts

no quorum definition


  • Agenda review
  • Discussion Topics
    • Identify steps of standing up a product family
    • Remaining tasks: Quality plan, specialty products responsibility list, management group health metrics, outline of what we've done/celebrate


Basic quality planning steps for HL7 groups should include the following recommended approaches:

  1. Methodology groups establish the quality criteria
  2. Management groups develop a quality checklist based on the criteria, plus other family-specific management requirements
  3. Product management organizes a volunteer product review group to validate that criteria are applied
  4. Note: WGs that produce products that are not within a product family are expected to follow these basic principles.
  • Anne Wizauer Add quality planning steps from PLA to TSC e-vote for approval
  • Anne Wizauer Add quality planning steps from PLA to product family management council agenda in Atlanta

Specialty products responsibility list:

  1. WGs need to be aware that they are performing the product family management functions
  2. Perhaps the publication request package should include the completed quality checklist for the product
  3. Various specialty products include:

    Arden Syntax
    CDS – artifacts before FHIR
    CCOW - only maintaining
    Domain Analysis Models (DAM) (generally included with V3, but in the future do they warrant their own product family?)
    EHR (Profiles)
    V3 Messaging

Next meeting: Steps for standing up a product family and outline of what we've done

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