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Meeting Coordinates


HL7 JIRA/Confluence Developers Meeting


February 23, 2018, Noon EDT


  1. Agenda Review
  2. Roll Call: Patrick, DJ, Tony J., Lorraine C., Chad
  3. Prior Meeting Notes Review & Approval
  4. Webmaster's Report
    1. Personal Spaces - DJ
      1. Policy Recommendation: One and only one space for: Project lead?  Co-chairs?  Surely not everyone.....  SIGs (folkdancing, whisky SIG, etc.), Anyone who asks (knowing that most members have no need and won't ask).  DJ checks for a presence on LinkedIn, validating they are a real person.  Otherwise, as long as found, will setup.  Allow personal spaces (for anyone who requests it), but not viewable by public?  No objections....
      2. Double check acceptable use policy to ensure it talks about "No marketing".  Once no longer an "active member", do we remove "personal space."
      3. Are we solving this "too early"?  Are we trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist?
      4. Is removing a co-chair listing from the site when a member's membership laspes (due to whatever)?
      5. Ihere is a process that run approx every 15 minutes from the membership database...
      6. Do we send to CTO, assuming someone on the staff makes these decisions?
    2. Process for reviewing at plug-ins, add-ons - DJ
      1. Generally: need a process, may have cost, etc.
      2. includes bringing those requests here
      3. specifically Lloyd's request for ballot project
      4. we have a community license which causes many of these to be free to us
      5. done through the Atlassian website. implementation is relative "easy".
    3. Development server?? - DJ
      1. should we have one, to protect our production environment
        1. what's the cost?  
        2. Would it fit on the same system?  
        3. Any additional licensing requirements?
        4. Action item: Can we setup separate logical environment for development/testing?  DJ
    4. Separate of Confluence and JIRA on separate systems - DJ
      1. Couple of options, whats the best way
      2. working with Atlassian
      3. Shawn of Lantanna contacted DJ, they're working with Michael on their staff who may be able to help us, DJ and Michael have had a preliminary convo
  5. Feature/Function Review
    1. WGM Meeting Attendance Log - Tony
      1. Issues, concurrency of edits, header bar not floating, checkboxes can be editing with or without edit function, sorting, de-duplication
      2. Do we think the log in it's rollout process is working and viable?
      3. still helpful as a feature, operationally: still have everyone edit? (promote this issue re: everyone editing to CTO & EST)
      4. fix the issues where we can
      5. with approved documents, maybe convert to pdf and post to ensure no changes in future, look more at the locking and what the parameters are.  there is some built-in functionality here.  Tony has more info.  Will send ppt.
      6. found a bug this week: attendance log, check box is an problem - Tony work with Chad
    2. Weekly Teleconference Attendance Log - Chad
    3. Weekly Teleconference Meeting Notes Template - Chad
    4. Two concepts for an agenda - Tony
      1. WGM vs Teleconference
      2. different dimension: having the 'original' agenda as a section in the meeting notes
    5. Macro for voting - WG - Tony
      1. Go for testing
    6. Decision Log - Tony
    7. Action Log - Chad
    8. Boilerplate Working Group Space - PL
    9. HL7 Development Plan - DRAFT
    10. Project Requirements
    11. Action Log - Items Due
  6. New Business
    1. Issue Review
    2. Review Outstanding Action Log Items
  7. Meeting Summary


Meeting adjourned 1:01pm EDT