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Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian  


Anthony JulianMayo Clinic
Nick RadovOptum
Dave ShaverCorepoint Health
Sandra StuartKaiser Permanente
Ulrike MerrickVernetzt, LLC
Robert SnelickNIST

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Agenda Topics

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Management Minute Approval   
Methodology ATSAbstract Transport Ballot Status - Vote to publish Approve Abstract Transport Publication 
Methodology V2 PssV2 pss Data type flavors - Vote to Co-sponsor


V2 pss Data type flavors - Vote to Co-sponsor 
Methodology V2 PSSUpdated and Separated v2 Conformance Specification Vote to co-sponsor Updated and Separated v2 Conformance Specification Vote to co-sponsor 
Methodology V2 PssAlign V2 Erratta Align V2 Erratta Approve PSS 
Methodology V2 IssueSPM-13 usage clarification Proposal to clarify SPM-13 and publish as errata. 
Methodology - FHIRMessageHeader vs MessageDefinition: Approve MessageHeader 
Methodology - FHIRWhat to do about removing default from MessageDefinition.focus.minRemove the default value and require explicit declaration each instance.MessageDefinition.focus.min - Remove Default 
Methodology -V2ARV

Where to place ARV:

  • Since the manifest is specific to the instance of the segment that is
  • Support for after MSH
  • Since we are defining new message structure, do we need to worry about existing?
    • Add ARV as optional repeating segment
    • Leave the other ARV segments as they are – in message structure narrative explain the purpose and how to interpret that
    • Existing ARV segments will remain intact in the existing messages
    • Discussion about how to identify where the access restriction applies to
      • By message position only is a potential risk
      • Could we consider other options that may be safer
        • For OBX could use OBX-21, sine that is a permanent ID – but not sure that works for PID segment, PV1 segment, DG1 segment etc.
        • Would like more discussion about this
Management - DMPDMP - accept default, or add addendum?Defer  
Management Next agenda   
 Adjournment  Adjourned at 1:00pm Eastern  

Supporting Documents

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Supporting Document
Minute Approval2018-01-30 InM WGM Minutes
Methodology ATSATS Ballot Tally
Methodology V2 PssHL7PSS-v2DataTypeFlavors-20180129.docx
Methodology V2 PSSHL7PSS-v2Conformance-20180129.docx
Methodology V2Align V2 Errata - Addenda - technical corrections
Methodology V2 Issue INM-18 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Methodology - FHIR

INM-14 - Getting issue details... STATUS INM-16 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Management - DMP INM-15 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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