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The HL7 Vocabulary WG is extremely active, and its work and polcy decisions affect all of HL7. There are many active projects, and all cochairs must take an active role in order to meet the WG commitments.

Each cochair leads one or more Vocabulary WG projects, and is required to setup and run the project calls for their project.  Cochairs are expected to attend the WG Conference calls held every two weeks, and are required to attend HL7 WorkGroup meetings and to chair sessions during them.  

The table below is updated every WGM cycle (4 months) and represents the current commitments for each cochair for the overall operation of the WorkGroup.  This includes the call schedule and leads for each of the active Vocabulary WG projects.

CategoryAssignmentTask Responsible ChairNotesCall Day/Time
Conference Calls

Schedule next call cycle. 3:30pm Eastern, Thursdays. Fortnightly.Ted Klein

90 minute calls

fortnightly, Thursdays at 3:30PM ET.

Commence February 20, 2020 (next week).

Ted K. probably cannot attend on 2/20; Rob M will chair unless Ted is able to join the call. 

 Thursdays 90 minute fortnightly calls commence 02/20/2020.

Call Agenda PreparationTed KleinAnd seeing up the HL7 concall schedule.

Running conference callTed KleinRob M. commits to attending and chairing 2/20/20 call if Ted cannot attend.

Standards Governance Board (SGB)
Vocab is not required to provide a representative on the SGB. Attendance as needed/requested.

Technical Steering Division (TSC)Rob McClureRob is now a member of the TSC.

Steering Division (ISD)Rob McClure (Rob H. as backup)

Attend the WGM ISD meetings (typically Monday nights)  

Monitor eVotes.

Project InsightProject Leads

HL7 Terminology Authority (HTA)Carol M.  and Reuben D. (voting members)60 minutes calls, fortnightly, see HTA call schedule. Meetings are on Wednesdays at 20:00 UTC.  February 19, 2020 is the first meeting for this cycle.  Refer to HTA minutes for details.  
Working Group Meeting (WGM)

AgendaCarol Macumber

Meeting room schedulingCarol Macumber

Joint meeting coordinationCarol Macumber  

Possible evening terminology focussed session Q5Ted, Carol

WGM Minutes and attendance (now on Confluence)chairs as scheduled

Monday Night Steering Division MeetingMinimum of one co-chairRob M., Ted

Pre-meeting planning and project sessionAll Note:  Mandatory for chairs online on the Confluence pages.  MANDATORY

Review of Vocabulary SubmissionsTed, Lloyd, Reuben, Rob H.

Ted will schedule Tech Review, likely just after the initial submission date.

Next Harmonization meeting is scheduled for 12/3 and 12/4/2019.  A non-Ted vocab co-chair must attend.  Rob M. with Rob H. as backup. 

Construction of Harmonization meeting materialsTed

Attendance and running of Vocabulary portion of HarmonizationTed, CarolRob M. to backup Carol in case of unavailability. (Rob H generally covers for OO and Patient Care)

Capture of decisionsTed Lynn. Karen and/or Dave if needed.

Application of decisions to vocabulary storeTed



Attended by project team as scheduled by SNOMED. SNOMED manages the calls. 

The calls alternate between Terminology Services and Terminology Binding.

20:00 UTC Tuesdays weekly 90 minute calls. Beginning February 11, 2020 (Terminology Services) 

FHIR Tracker ItemsRob H.

Alternates with Main WG calls. 

3:30pm Eastern US on Thursdays. Fortnightly. 90 minutes.

Beginning Thursday, February 13, 2020. 

FHIR-VSD Profiling projectRob M., Carol 

2:00 PM Eastern US on Tuesdays, 60 minutes. Fortnightly.

Beginning Tuesday February 25, 2020.

Unified Terminology Governance (UTG)Ted, Carol

12:00 noon Eastern on alternate Tuesdays, 60 minutes. Beginning March 3, 2020.

HL7 GlossaryHeatherNo calls planned this cycle.   Must be dealt with on the main Vocab calls and in San Antonio.

Gender Harmony ProjectRob M., Carol
Mondays 4:00PM US ET 60 minutes fortnightly commencing Monday, February 24, 2020.


Ongoing WGM joint sessions - vocabESTTed

No regular calls.

Need to figure out Table 396 Publishing going forward.


OID RegistryTedunchanged
  •  Caroline MacumberCreate a new skype group for vocab co-chairs
  •  Ted KleinV2.x tables maintenance:  Folded into UTG.   Must work with Publishing and Frank to push UTG updates into V2 publication.
  • Ted Klein Table 396 curation: Folded into UTG; no long separate activity.  Note must deal with publishing, and Lynn for HL7 tools website pages.
  • Reuben Daniels Create consolidated page of cochair action items to shame all of us into doing what we are supposed to be doing.
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