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Discussion items

3:30Value Set Definition ProjectRob McClure
  • Calls will retain their current timetable - all information is maintained through confluence.
  • there is work being undertaken on the process and requirements for code systems and code system versions.
  • How might we identify other things which need to be clear

An expansion is a group of metadata associated with the collection, then there are the members of the collection itself. Every code system has concept identifiers and most record these as codes. they may also have descriptions (or display names), some have properties and relationships associated with the concept. The user community has indicated that they would sometimes like selected additional data components in the value set expansion. Sjpecific component candidates are whether the item is active or not. There is a need to clearly define in a standardised way, what the extra components might be and how these should be managed.

The list in the VSD set project page identifes specific requirements Value Set Definition (VSD) Project documents Metadata about the expansion.

It was agreed to

  • include the value set definition instance used (we always need to know the version)
  • Also for each code system indicate
    • code system ID
    • Code System Version ID

There are also difficulties and requirements to know the service used to create the expansion and to be able to determine the source of information. The receiver cannot necessarilly assume this information and may need to know this to process data correclty. If these things are not known by the service which generates the expansion then the service has to do so before it is usble by a third party. This could include:

  • product
  • software version
  • contact details

though the use case is understood the effort to do this does not seem to be worth the return and at the moment it was decided not to include this functionality.


Date / Time of expansion

  • correct representation should be easilly convertable and includes time zone - we could use the W3C time stamp used in FHIR or the old version used in some HL7 environments?
  • we need to be able to answer the question - was this value set created before or after my govt changing the requirements? or FHIR repository changing.
  • The timestamp should always indicate the timezone and time and date to the second (as a minimum).

The Expansion Profile CononicalID must cover the 90% case is code system, code system version, code and display name.


It was suggested that an example be created and included in the documentation.


Action items

  • Include an example of expansion profile and the result of that profile to clarify the use case - Rob McClure 

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