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1:45FHIR Tracker Item:
 Code System ParameterTed

If there is previous information and there is a mismatch on the code system version (or other component) there is inconsistent actions taken. There needs to be a consistent approach. The Value Set Definition is locked this is the clause or component which must be used. This could apply to a code system version or to a complex expression.

The expansion profile says that a client may specify a version of the code system and is used to provide override capability but this allows problems to be created. ( in the expansion profile. The date was originally thought to be sufficient to differentiate between versions but this is not proving to be sufficient.

Depending on the version run the codes change, or potentially change. The expansion profiles has components in it which restrict the concepts which may be in the expansion (through the excludes element). Therefore, for example a profile may create a subset of the full defined expansion. You may not use the expansion profile to add content which would not be part of the content generated by the value set definition. Changes to the code system version may result in changes to the expansion generated. The expansion profile may specify a version

Nothing can override the CSD but it may be restrained. However if you put in a date in the expansion profile this may inadvertently create an override.

There is no way to restrict people from adding code system version information into an expansion profile which will break the intended controls.

The proposal is that the version should be the version available in the expansion server at that date.

Strawman of secreasing order of presidence for determining the code system version used to create the expansion is:

  • version specific notation inside the CLD
  • Input parameter to the expansion profile
  • expansion profile
  • data - the version available in the expansion server on that date
  • current code system version available in the expansion profile



Action items

  •  Rob McClure to add a new tracker item to resolve/clarify the issue of code system parameters and expansion profiles. 

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