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Facilitator: Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian



.XConstable, LorraineConstable Consulting Inc.
.X Hyland, MarioAEGIS
.X Julian, TonyMayo Clinic
.Knapp, PaulPknapp Consulting
.Kubick, WayneHL7 CTO
.Loyd, Patrick ICode Solutions
. Lynch, CecilAccenture
.Milosevic, ZoranDeontik Pty Ltd
. Stechishin,AndyCANA Software and Service Ltd.


XMary Kay McDanielCognosante
XKaiser Permanente

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline
Agenda Item
Meeting Minutes from Discussion
Management Minute Approval


Review of PSS

Proponent is not available.

  1. "Whitepaper" document needs to have HL7 Logo removed. 
  2. Needs to have quality control:
  • e.g. Section C.1 states "The HL7 C-CDA examples are created using the v2."
  • The document refers to "the HL7 Guide" which is a bit obscure/imprecise

MOTION: ARB will not approve this content at this time:  The sponsoring work group should clean it up to improve the quality before a future ballot.


Next steps for GOM

02 Purpose, Objectives, and Approach

Does not cover Purpose, objectives, or approach

Does cover Comprehensive framework - the contents of which have not been true for years

Does cover Protocol Specification ?

Does cover 02.03 Mission Statement - is that purpose, Objectives, or approach? This needs to be updated to the current HL7 Mission.

02.04 Contract Work Process - why here?

Section 9: Each entry has a removal process - all are the same.

09.01.07 is too broad

09.01.08 The TSC shall be responsible for ensuring that any tools created or promoted for the development of HL7 Protocol Specifications (§02.02) are thoroughly tested and documented, and that such tools have established maintenance and support mechanisms. Upon such assurance, the TSC may endorse those tools for use by the membership. The decision of the TSC shall be final.  ARB feels that this opens up HL7 to legal responsibility.  At least "created or promoted" should say "Created by HL7 or promoted by HL7":

Links in GOM should be to permalinks.

ARB definition should move from 09 to 10.

Change "Electronic Ballot", Review Ballot etc to be more descriptive.

Effectively this document needs thorough review.

Next steps for BAM

From Austin:

The main outstanding question today is how we organize and manage the management groups? The BAM called for management groups to sit under the SGB, but the TSCV disagreed.

Having a management group report direct to the TSC made sense when there was only one, but we this year we will have 4 management groups stood up. I’d like the ARB to look at that. The ideas I have here are:

  1. Forming a Product Management Council that the MG co-chairs are part of, with SGB and TSC leadership as ex-officio members:

Chairs of MG, SGB, TSC, ARB meet periodically?

CTO convene a meeting of Chairs of MGs, SGB, TSC, ARB

  • Alternately, reopen the idea of the MG’s hanging off the SGB. I’m not actually a big fan of this, I think the SGB would get mired in dealing with escalated management issues. That’s really the job of the TSC.

Other than that, I don’t think we would want to pursue to fine grained elaboration of the BAM that was laid out in the original plan.


 Review DMP

Next agenda

 Adjourned at 12:30pm Eastern.

Supporting Documents

Thursday Q3

Agenda Outline
Agenda Item
Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Review of PSS

  1. "Whitepaper" document needs to have HL7 Logo removed. 
  2. Needs to have quality control:
  • e.g. Section C.1 states "The HL7 C-CDA examples are created using the v2."

Discovered ItemsGOM: Notification of Renewal

The CTO shall provide two months’ notice to the HL7 membership and HL7 Affiliates when certain ARB appointments are subject to renewal. Comments relevant to the renewal action may be submitted during this period for consideration by the CTO and ARB Co-chairs prior to making their recommendations on renewal to the TSC.

Need more WG coordination on projects e.g. order sets.

ManagementOther business and planning
  •  Agenda until next WGM.
    • Update BAM - re product on-boarding
    • Socialise and investigate concept proposal b4 PSS.
  • When do we meet next WGM?
  • ARB May-2018 Cologne WGM Agenda

Adjourned at 3:00pm Eastern

Action items

  •  Wayne Kubick : Request the HL7 CEO ask WEDI to remove HL7 Logo from publicly published content until HL7 has balloted and approved.

  • Anthony Julian: Contact the WG to convey the result of the ARB review.
  • Wayne Kubick: Review the issues of the GOM with the Executive Committee.
  • Wayne Kubick:CTO convene a meeting of Chairs of MGs, SGB, TSC, ARB