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Vocabulary WorkGroup conference call Thursday, November 30, 2017  Time: 3:30PM US Eastern STANDARD Time (UTC-5)  Duration: 1.5 hours (90 minutes, until 5:00PM Eastern)

Note that clocks have changed in the Eastern Time Zone of the US, so the call of the time may have shifted in your area. 

Call has not yet taken place, these minutes are a placeholder at this moment.

Audio Call-in number: (770) 657-9270   Passcode = 598745

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Chair: Russ Hamm

Attendees:  Russ Hamm, Rob Hausam, Carol MaCumber, Rob McClure, Susan Barber, Reuben Daniels, Heather Grain

1.   Roll call and Agenda check (Russ Hamm)

  • Call began at 3:34PM EST with quorum met.
  • Russ noted that there are four PSS that require approval in the FTSD.  See new item below.

2.   Announcements (Russ Hamm)

  • There is a strong desire to move to Free Conference Call, and we can plan to do that soon.  When we do, announcements will be sent to the list.
    • (RAH) Mainsite has been updated to reflect that we are NOW using Free Conference Call.  Reuben indicates that any issues have been resolved.  Suggest moving to Free Conference Call for the call on December 14th.
  • Ted noted that cochairs must FIRST create an HL7 Confluence account through the entry page for Confluence at HL7 Confluence   Then SECOND, they must contact David Johnson (HL7 webmaster) to get their write permissions setup.  Then, do NOT assume it has been done correctly, you must verify by actually trying to edit a page to make sure it is functional.
  • (RAH) Russ spoke with David Johnson and he indicates that MediaWiki pages can be marked as protected.  So as pages are migrated to confluence just send David the link and he will mark that page as protected thereby making it non-editable. Or, park it protected yourself.
  • RM attending HL7 Interop Showcase next week, may need to cancel the VSE call next Tues.  Stand by for announcement. 

3.   Vocabulary WG Action Items (from calls and the last three WGMs)

  • See items marked in GREEN for completed action items.

New consequent actions

4.   New Orleans WGM Agenda Planning (Jim Case)

Status  –  The agenda is still on the Wiki, as Jim has not yet secured write permissions to move it to Confluence on the Vocabulary pages.  Agenda can be found at

Discussion –   Jim indicated via email that there have been no changes to the agenda since last call.  RRH indicates name is September not January.

Action –  RAH will migrate the agenda from MediaWiki to Confluence and request that David Johnson set Jim Case up on Confluence.


5   Vocabulary Cochair Nominations

Status/Issue  –  The terms of Russ Hamm and Heather Grain are expiring in January 2018 at the New Orleans WGM.  Nominations for co-chair positions opened on November 1.  Nomination period closes 5PM EST on December 1.  Russ Hamm and Carol MaCumber have been nominated and have accepted the nominations.

Discussion – HG: Heather is happy to continue, and has sent CV in.
RRH: Nominated HG.
HG: Accepts.

Action -   


6. Provisional approval for TermInfo Publication Request

Status/Issue  –   TermInfo CDA-R2 has been published for 2 years and is expiring.

Discussion –    We can 1) Let it expire, 2) Take it  to Ballot as Normative, or 3) Extend the STU publication period.  Previous discussion and consensus was on extending the STU publication period which requires an Publication Request to be sent in.  RRH is working on assembling the Publication Request.  Looking for reaffirmation vote on extending the STU and RRH will assemble and submit the Publication Request.

RRH - Review of current status of the Publication Request.

Motion: RRH Reaffirm that the TermInfo CDA-R2 STU will be extended for another 2 years.  RRH will assemble and submit the Publication Request when it is complete.  Second: Heather Grain  VoteFor:4 Against:0 Abstain: 2 

RD: Any actual feedback on the STU.  Why not go Normative, or let it expire? 
RRH:  The STU is still referred to and used.  No official formal feedback or comments on the STU comment site.  Unclear what that means (if anything).
HG: Of the opinion that people are not yet really using it.
RRH: More feedback required to take it Normative, and we may not have the resources to take it Normative. Extending it seems like a reasonable middle ground.
RH: Where are people talking about it?
RRH: Often in discussion at HL7 and SNOMED, but no formal comments.
RD: What will the project or body be that addresses the comments that come in over the next two years.
RRH: Vocab WG is the ultimate owner. 
GENERAL: Concern about who maintains the project if TermInfo is disbanded prior to the two year extension.
HG: Defer for 2 years, and work to get feedback.

Action –   RRH will assemble and submit the Publication Request when it is complete.

7. FHIR Items (Ted Klein/Rob Hausam)

Status/Issue  –   

Discussion –   Going through on Monday FHIR calls preparing for future block vote.  Can look at some items now or continue looking at them on Monday calls.

Action –  


8.   Glossary Project (Heather Grain)

Status/Issue  –   Nothing new to in terms of status.  Additonal organizations are joinging the process.  

Discussion –    

Action –   Heather to set up call to go over items.


9.   Liaison Reports

  • LOINC and TC215: Ted Klein
    • Next lab LOINC meeting December 6-7 in Indianapolis.  
    • Last week was TC215 in Liverpool, UK
  • HTA (IHTSDO): Heather Grain, Jim Case
    • HG: Working on guidance to affiliates to provide guidance on how to manage developing their own versions of standards if they can't use SNOMED.
    • RD: New Orleans Agenda item for SNOMED Value Sets.
    • HG: Item will remain for discussion in NO.
  • FTSD: Russ Hamm
    • Call will be next week.
    • Vocab voted affirm for the four PSSs that were discussed last call.


Final:    Next conference call scheduled for December 14, 2017 (Russ Hamm)

This call final status –   Call adjourned at 16:59PM EST.  Russ took the minutes on this Confluence page, and will send and email to the list about their availability.  

Next call confirmation –  Ted will run the call, setup the minutes and agendas.


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