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DevDays17 PoCD IG Objectives

  1. Update PoCD IG content to near complete for the December HL7 ballot (for comment)
  2. Identify issues and questions that need to be addressed in the IG
  3. Finalize work plan for completing the IG for ballot
  4. Prep for the IHE NA'18 PAT & January HL7 FHIR Connectathon

PoCD IG Team Participants

Todd CooperStefan KarlJohn Rhoads


Editing Pages in Simplifier:

  1. Simplifier IG page editing guide is HERE
  2. Markdown guide is HERE

Tasks for DevDays17

  • Review previous PoCD IG discussions & San Diego FHIR Connectathon notes (Todd Cooper)
  • Draft & review DevDays17 drafting plan (team)
  • ...

Drafting Notes

  1. <add issues / questions / pre-tasks here>




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